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Today’s post is a little different to what I usually post, but totally fun! About a month ago I met Kimberly from Oh Lola blog at a blogger meet-up. We instantly clicked, probably because we are both Venezuelans  lol. Not long after that, she message me with the idea of doing this post in a collaboration. I thought it was such a fun idea. This 90s trend was huge back then and is coming back exponentially!

It took us a couple of days to actually pull it through. We went to several stores looking for the iron-on patches but could’t find what we wanted. We ended up buying them through amazon. The patches turned out to be great! Keep scrolling down to see the process and the outcome 🙂


Hola Hola mis adictas a la moda!

El post de hoy es un poco diferente a lo que usualmente publico por aquí pero super divertido. Hace un tiempo ya conocí a Kimberly, del blog Oh Lola, en un evento de bloggers. Como buenas Venezolanas hicimos click en el momento y nos hemos convertido en buenas amigas. Poco después de conocerla, recibí un mensaje de ella con la propuesta de hacer esta colaboración. Me encantó la idea y acepte. Esta tendencia de los 90 fue un hit durante esa época y poco a poco a ido apareciendo de nuevo.

Nos tomo unos días conseguir las cosas. Fuimos a varias tiendas pero no conseguimos los parches. A la final decidimos comprarlos a través de Amazon. Es increíble como todo se consigue en Amazon jaja. Sigan bajando para que vean el proceso de como los hicimos.

DIY Patched Jeans

The first thing is to gather all the materials you’ll need. We used fabric glue, stick-on and iron-on patches, and an iron (you’ll also need a cotton cloth to iron the patches). It is very important also that you plan ahead where you want your patches to be throughout the jean, or whatever piece of clothing you use. That way the process is faster.


Lo primero es estar segura de tener todos los materiales a la mano. Nosotras usamos pega para telas, los parches, y una planta (también van a necesitar como un pañito de algodón). Es importante planear de antemano donde vas a pegar los parches. De esa manera el proceso es mas rápido.

DIY Patched Jeans

DIY Patched Jeans

DIY Patched Jeans

DIY Patched Jeans

Remember to use a thin cotton cloth to iron very well the patches. This will help the patches to stick to the denim. Read the instructions on the patches to see how long you should iron them for.


Recuerden usar un paño delgado de algodón para planchar los parches. Esto va a ayudar a que los parches se peguen bien del material de jean. Lean las instrucciones que traen los parches para saber por cuento tiempo deben plancharlos.

DIY Patched Jeans

DIY Patched Jeans

DIY Patched Jeans

Leave you love in the comments section below! And stay tuned for the Miami Swim Week posts that will be coming very soon!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I used to do this all the time when I was younger! I’m glad these things are coming back into style, it is fun for me to experience them with my daughter!

  2. I love this post! So fun! I chuckled a little when remembering back to my teen years when you had to make legit tears in your own jeans….and now you can pay for it. LOL

    • I suppose it does! We recently did them and for the glue to work you have to wait from 10-12 days for the first wash 🙂 hope this helps

  3. I’ve always loved patches on jeans ever since my Mom used to fix the worn knees on our pants as kids with corduroy patches. These are certainly more stylish than those old patches.

  4. How fun to meet up with another blogger. It looks like you and Kimberly really kit it off. I love the jean project and I think I will give it a try with my grandkids when I see them next month! They will enjoy it too

  5. I totally forgot about patches all over the jeans. That was a blast from the past. Good to know that you can order them from Amazon. What a fun project!

  6. These remind me so much of my childhood. I love that pins and patches are making a comeback, and still have that DIY style. Love the designs you created. So unique.

  7. This is what I love about blogging, you get to meet new people and even gain new friends along the way! That’s such a fun collaboration and I’m glad it was successful! This trend is definitely coming back, people are so obsessed with the 90’s these days!

  8. This is such a fun craft to do to jeans that could use a little love! So much fun you got to do this together, too.

  9. I remember putting patches on my jeans when I was younger. I would love to refurbish an old pair and do this again.

  10. I can remember having patched jeans when I was a teenager. Isn’t it ironic how things go out of style but then come thundering back into style years later? Yeah, today’s teens think they are original, but they don’t know that half of what they think they invented we had back in the day.

  11. That’s so cute! I remember doing this in the 90s. And bedazzling! Goodness, I might still have that stapler thing for bedazzling. haha!

    | |

  12. Looks like you had such a great time marking these. I think that my daughter would love doing this with me .. I’m thinking little patched overalls would be so cute!

  13. Girls, I love this one! I had seen it when you originally posted it, and just came back to it again. I’m inspired by your fashion sense AND your blogger friendship! ❤❤❤

  14. Girls, I love this one! I had seen it when you originally posted it, and just came back to it again. I’m inspired by your fashion sense AND your blogger friendship! ❤❤❤

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