Summer Wishlist

Summer Essentials Cover

While updating my agenda for the summer, I suddenly realized I haven’t shared on the blog my Wishlist for the season. For me summer is not only pool parties and sandy beach days, but its the season to have fun and let loose. I think it is why people tend to take free days off work, and school have breaks during that time of the year.

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My Blog, My Style

My Blog My Style COVER

It was about a year ago that I almost quit blogging for good. I was about to begin my last year in college and I knew that from there classes were going to get more time consuming. As much as I loved sharing my sense of style and daily activities with the world, or the few followers I had, I had a feeling I was gonna have to chose between my degree or blogging. Read More »

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father /’fäT͟Hər/ (noun): a man in relation to his natural child or children.

But what does ‘father’ really mean?

To me my father means the world. He is the one person (along with my mom) who I could count on no matter what. I have talked about this with my mom before and I believe it to be true: girls tend to have a stronger connection with their father, just like boys have a stronger connection with their mom.

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Blogger of the Month


Hi there fashion addicts!

It’s JUNE! I can’t believe we are halfway of 2016. It passed by so fast! Today I present to you June’s Blogger of the Month. I met Kat through her online Facebook group called Miami Bloggers Media. The group is more than that, is a network for Miami blogger to connect, collaborate and grow together! I was appalled to learn she has technically been blogging since she was 12! Back them I think the term blog didn’t even exist!

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Survive College in Style


While I was in college I submerged myself in the books and didn’t have much time to work and get extra ca$h. I think by now you may have noticed through my social media channels how shop-a-holic I can be, and it was a struggle! Read More »

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