The Denim Trend + Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an outfit post. I know it feels like I have abandoned you guys. The truth is that balancing my full-time job with the blog is hard. However, I am trying to come up with a schedule that works for me because at the end blogging is what I love most. With that said, today’s post is in partnership with a Miami local store, True Armoire. I got to know the brand through my photographer, Maholi, and loved the pieces they carried. We decided to come together to do a giveaway of a denim clutch, pictured with all three outfits in the post.

Denim is a trend that has taken over the fashion world by a storm. Before, it use to be jeans and jackets. Now-a-days, it seams that we want to wear everything denim. For me the hardest, has been to incorporate the trend with accessories. Nonetheless, I fell in love with this denim clutch that the stores carries. They were generous enough to gift me one, and an additional to giveaway to you guys. For the post, I decided to create three outfits that would be perfect for the denim clutch. All of the clothing items I am wearing are available at True Armoire.

In order to participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is go to my Instagram page @modaddicted, find the photo of the giveaway and follow the instructions! Yes it is that simple! The giveaway will be open for one week only and it begins tomorrow Saturday!


Ok, tengo varias semanas que no poseo outfits nuevos por aquí. Balancear un trabajo de tiempo completo con el blog no ha sido nada fácil, pero todo es cuestión de aprendizaje. Estoy tratando de crear un horario que me permita hacer lo que mas me gusta, escribirle a ustedes. Hoy les traigo una colaboración que me emociona mucho. True Armoire es una tienda online de unas Venezolanas que residen en Miami. Todas las cosas en su pagina son hermosas. Decidimos unirnos para sortear un clutch de jean! El sorteo estará abierto a partir de mañana sábado a través de nuestras paginas de Instagram.

La tendency de mezclilla o denim ha estado presente por varias temporadas ya. En las pasarelas de primavera/verano 2017 se vio muchísimo. Para mí los accesorios de jean son los mas difíciles de combinar, pero como nunca dejo pasar un reto decidí crearles este post. Aquí les dejo tres combinaciones para llevar el denim clutch que estaremos sorteando. Todos los outfits fueron creados con piezas que pueden encontrar en True Armoire.

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño


My Zara Spring Wishlist


Spring is just 20 days away, so I thought it was suitable that I shared with you my spring wishlist. Like many of you know, every season I create my wishlist filled with upcoming trends. This time I decided to create …  a Zara Spring Wishlist. I love Zara and I find it funny how good they sell and I have never seen any ads from them! I bet you never thought of that before lol. Do not even ask how I realized that. It kind of just popped into my mind one day, while flipping through my magazines. I have never seen a formal Zara advertisement on popular magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper Bazaar and so on. I imagine that, once upon a time, they did invested in those kinds of ads. However, I haven’t seen ads on the web either!

Anyhow, Zara is one of my favorite stores. I feel that it is that type of store where I could spend all of my paycheck and not regret it. Because you know, sometimes you over spend while shopping and then you feel that remorse. That feeling of, “OMG! I have no money left for weekend shenanigans! I guess is tupperware food for the rest of the month!” Have you ever said that line to yourself? I have, many times to be precise.

This months spring wishlist if filled with a bunch of crazy items, I honestly never thought I would like. Five years ago, you would never find gingham pants on my wishlist for example. Of course, five years ago gingham was not super trending like now, but you get my point! Or the low heel sandals, oh my G, those wear granny shoes back in the days. Now, is all I feel like wearing. I am kinda ditching heels for spring. Not really! but I kinda dislike the discomfort of heels after wearing them for 4 hours straight. Low heels don’t hurt at all. Embroidered jeans, and embroidered everything is super trending too. You can see here, how I creating my own DIY patched denims, which the trend now escalated to patched accessories.

Then you find the stripped bodysuit, because stripes are awesome and a stripped bodysuit is the bomb! The shirt is never going to fall out on the pants and they are super comfortable. Lastly, it’s the crazy military green parka. I loved the design in the back and is the main reason why I desperately want it. The red dress does not necessarily fall into any upcoming trend category. I just bought it was cute and appropriate for any soiree or big party that may come up during the season. Maybe, just maybe, you would see me waiting it during my Birthday!


Hola chicas lindas! Hoy en el blog les dejo esta imagen con las cositas que están en mi lista de compras para la temporada de primavera. En la lista encontraran varias tendencias como piezas bordadas, el ‘gingham’ y zapatos de tacón bajo. Lo curioso de esta lista es que, esta vez, decidí hacerla con artículos de mi tienda favorita, Zara. Desde pequeña compro ahí y no la cambiaría por nada del mundo. Les deje los links por si se les antoja comprarse alguno en los numeritos que están justo abajo de la imagen.

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño 


Outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day

During the weekend, I couldn’t think of what outfits to share with you guys this week. Suddenly, I was flipping through magazines and of course Valentine’s Day was all over. So, I found it fitting that I share with you what I would wear to Valentine’s Day times two. I decided to create Read More »


Pajama Trend Links à la Mode Feature

It’s the fourth time I have been feature in the weekly round-up post by Independent Fashion Blogger. I am beyond proud and happy that I got selected again. This time it feels even more special because they chose inspiring bloggers to be feature. The majority of the posts are about pushing through and not letting anything or anyone holding you from reaching your goals. My post Daytime Pajama Trend was the one selected. If you have not read it, what are you waiting for? It is all about the trend, how I fell in love with it and what does it has to do with my new business, Kutimo. Thank you all for the love and support you always give to me!

Links à la Mode, January 26th

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