24 Things About Me on My 24th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 24th Birthday! I can’t believe I am almost a quarter century old— I know supper cheesy! Anyway, This week I decided to do a bold and cool photoshoot to go with this post. Let me tell you, shooting with balloons in a windy city is a little challenging. Needless to say, the photos came out great! Enjoy the photography below, with a list of 24 things about me you probably didn’t know.


Mañana es mi cumpleaños! No puedo creer que ya cumpliré 24 años! Pero bueno, esta semana decidí, gracias a mi super fotógrafa por la idea, de tomarme unas fotos diferentes para el blog. Déjenme decirles que tomar fotos con globos con viento es UN trabajo. A pesar de todo, las fotos quedaron espectaculares! Abajo pueden ver mas fotos y una lista de 24 cosas que probablemente no sabían sobre mi.

Balloon Photoshoot

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

I am Venezuelan born, but Colombian too! My father was born in Bogota, even though he moved to Venezuela when he was 5. AND, I recently became a U.S. Citizen!

I have always admired the English traditions. I secretly wished I was British. But I am still proud of being Venezuelan.

I am way too obsessed with Sex and The City and Gossip Girl. In my next life I will definitely go to Constance, then Columbia and later end up having my own Column. I love The City. In this life I can live with hope that I one day will own my own apartment in Manhattan.

I love shoes! But well, all girls love them!

Coffee is my 5-hour energy. I need coffee every morning as soon as I wake up; if I don’t have my coffee it feels like mercury is retrograde.


Soy Venezolana, como muchos saben, pero también Colombiana! Mi papá nació en Bogota. Y recientemente me naturalice como ciudadana Americana.

Siempre me ha encantado la cultura Inglesa, es mas desde pequeña soñaba con ser británica. Pero sigo siendo orgullosamente Venezolana.

Soy fan #1 de las series Sex and The City y Gossip Girl. En mi próxima vida estoy segura que estudiaré en Constance, Columbia, y luego tendré mi propia columna en alguna revista.

Amo los zapatos! Pero bueno a que mujer no le gustan?

El café es lo que hace que mi cerebro despierte todos los días. Si no tomo una taza de café todas las mañanas es como su mercurio estuviese retrogrado.

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

My closet is basically black and white. I admit that everything looks better in black and white, but I know I have to incorporate more color to my life!

When it comes to wine, I am a red wine girl. White wine is good, but nothing like a good Carbenet Sauvignon.

I am a show girl, and no— I don’t do striptease lol. I watch around 10 tv shows weekly, I know I should get a life. But you have to admit that binge watching shows on Netflix with a large pizza and a bucket of coke sounds like weekend goals!

My top 5 shows, that are currently running, include crime shows, like How To Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU and, Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time.

On that note, I have to mention that I am a Disney girl all the way. I love everything Disney! My favorite character is Donald Duck. I go a once a year at least.


Todo es mi closet es blanco y negro, siento que todos los looks son mejor cuando son monocromáticos. Pero admito que tengo que incorporar color a mi closet. [Como el vestido de las fotos]

Cuando se trata de vino, el mío es el tinto. El vino blanco no me disgusta, pero no hay nada mejor que una copa de Cabernet Sauvignon.

Me encantan las series de televisión. Veo alrededor de 10 series a la semana, lo se tengo que buscar un oficio mejor. Pero no me pueden negar que pasar una noche viendo Netflix con un pote de cotufas y Coca-Cola es lo máximo!

Mis top 5 en canto series due vet constantemente son de crímenes, como How to Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU y, Grey’s Anatomy y Once Upon A Time.

Y con ese último, admito que me encanta Disney! Todo de Disney, los parques y las películas. Mi personaje favorito es el Pato Donald. Ademas me encanta ir a los parques por lo menos una vez al año.

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

I sing 24/7 and even though I was not given the gift of an angelical voice, I couldn’t care less. I sing in the shower, I sing while I get ready and I give daily concerts on my way to work. I probably make the day of several people who watch me sing every day during rush hour.

If I could eat one thing only, every day it would be a battle between sushi or Hawaiian pizza. With a chocolate glazed donut as dessert, or a vanilla cupcake!

I don’t read that often, if I do I read YA novels. BUT, I 50 shades of grey series in 6 days!!! Yes the three books, I thought they were genius.

Whenever I drink, the connection between my brain and my feet gets broken. It doesn’t matter if had way too many or just one drink, I fall!

My favorite pop group is Little Mix. I think they are the bomb! and they don’t receive enough recognition in the States.


Canto las 24 horas del día y los siete días de la semana y aunque no me dieron el don de una voz angelical, es algo que no interfiere mucho. Canto cuando me baño, cuando me estoy vistiendo y cuando manejo es como si estuviese dando un concierto. Seguro muchos que me ven cuando estoy via al trabajo se ríen!

Si tuviese que elegir un plato para comer el resto de mi vida, sería una batalla entre el sushi y la pizza Hawaiana. Como postre una dona de chocolate, o un cupcake de vainilla.

No soy de leer, pero cuando lo hago me gustan las novelas juveniles. Pero debo admitir que la serie de 50 Sombras de Grey me la lei en 6 días, si los 3 libros en 6 días!

Cuando tomo (alcohol), la conexión entre mi cerebro y mis pies se pierde. No importa si he tomado mucho o solo un trago, siempre me caigo!

Mi group pop favorite es Little Mix. Creo que después de las Spice Girls, son uno de los mejores grupos, y siento que no reciben suficiente reconocimiento.

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

The person I admire the most, other than my mom obviously, is Anna Wintour. I think is a woman that has made people respect her, plus she is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue— my dream job.

I dislike mint chocolate or mint ice-cream. I have never understood why something so great like chocolate has to be mix with mint >.< … no offense to those who like it!

I prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi.

I am forever in love with Divergent’s hottie Theo James, I already married him— sorry ladies. But no seriously, if I ever get the chance to meet him there will be an Ana before and after Theo.

The kitchen and I have a love hate relationship. I have burnt my hands way too many times to love cooking, but I do bake some mean cupcakes.


La persona que mas admiro, además de mi mamá por supuesto, es Anna Wintour. No solo porque tenemos el mismo nombre jaja pero es una de las mujeres mas respetadas en el mundo, además en la Editora en Jefe de Vogue— mi sueño.

No me gustan los chocolates de menta ni el helado de menta. No entiendo como le puede gustar eso a la gente >.< … sin ofender a los que le gusta!

Prefiero la Coca-Cola por encima de la Pepsi

Estoy enamoradísima del protagonista de la serie de Divergent, Theo James— en mi mente ya estoy casada con el pero aún no lo sabe. No pero enserio, si algún día lo llego a conocer, creo que existirá un yo antes y un después de Theo.

La cocina y yo tenemos una relación amor-odio. Me he quemado las manos mil veces como para amar la cocina, aunque hago unos cupcakes que me quedan buenísimos.

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

My group of friends refer to me as the sour-patch kid of the group. First I am sour (sarcasm is a language I speak fluently), then I am sweet.

I am a philanthropist at heart. I love helping others and I always find a cause to donate to. BTW, I am currently raising funds to feed the homeless.

I am a very family oriented girl. Hispanic style, my family’s size is like 20+ people and everyone is my cousin lol.

Penguins are my spirit animals. I love penguins, I believe they are the best animal out there and I can wait until I get the chance to travel to Cape Town and visit the penguin beach.


Mi grupo de amigas me llaman ‘sour patch kid’ como los caramelos. Dicen que suelo ser ácida al principio, peor luego todo un amor.

Me encanta ayudar a los mas necesitados! Siempre ando buscando causas que me apasionan y que me gustaría ayudar. Actualmente estoy recaudando fondos para alimentar a los indigentes.

Soy muy familiar. Amo mi familia, y como toda familia hispana es gigante! Y al parecer tengo demasiados primos jaja.

Los pingüinos son mi animal favorite. Sueño con un viaje a Cape Town y poder visitar la playa con pingüinos.

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

24th Birthday Balloon Photoshoot

Photography by / Fotografía por: Maholi Hernandez @mahophotos

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño


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  1. You are Disney girl? I thought I’m the only grown up woman who crazy about everything Disney LOL. Thank you for sharing the facts about yourself. An honest post, with beautiful pictures. Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best.

    • Yes!!! Whenever I go to Disney I become a 5-year-old. Mickey ice-creams and taking photos with characters are the only things in my head! Thank you! <3

    • Thank you <3 Yes definitely watch Gossip Girl, I have a tradition that every year I re-watch all of the 6 seasons during summer! I just can't stop watching it!

    • Thank you <3 I need to catch up with Criminals though! I haven't watch it since December mid-season finale! But I love it!

  2. Happy birthday lovely have a wonderful day! I loved your shoot those murals are the bomb and it is nice to hear that you have strong family values and love the UK! If you ever come to London come and visit!

    • Thank you so sweet <3 I would LOVE to visit London! Hopefully soon!! and Whenever you come to Miami go to Wynnwood! that's where the murals are 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! I love this and can’t believe how young most of you bloggers are, but oh how I wish I was that young again. While I’m not a Netflix and chill kind of person, I’m addicted to Hulu and have been binge watching The Twilight Zone. 🙂 (Does it show my age?)

    • Thank you <3 Twilight is awesome! haha Hulu I think is like the same as Netflix. Never been on it though!

  4. Happy birthday, 24 is a fun age! (I say that like I’m so old, but I’m only 27, haha!) I could (and have) literally sit and watch SVU for hours on end– I LOVE that show! It was way better before Stabler left, but I’ve been every episode of the first 12 seasons at least half a dozen times each. I may or may not be a little bit of a fangirl. 🙂

    I loved your post, and I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    • Thank you <3 SVU is like one of my favorite crime shows. I love Olivia <3 You need to finish watching the other seasons!!

  5. Happy happy birthday! Coffee is my lifeline if I don’t have it in the am I promise you don’t want to be around me. 🙂
    What a great way to connect on a more personal level with your readers, this is an awesome post. Quarter life isn’t as hyped as they make it, don’t psych yourself out too much, I think you’re a pretty awesome perso. Already!

    Hoping this year brings you much success

  6. Happy Birthday! Your photo shoot is super cute! We have a lot in common. I’m also obsessed with tv shows and love singing…even though I’m not musically inclined at all haha.

  7. Awwww happy birthday girlie!!!!! Looking fabulous in all of the photos!!! Loving the necklace as well!

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