• Why I love Vests

    The weather in Miami has been so nice lately that I get to play around with my outfits. Normally, I have to wear summer outfits all year round, but not this year. Mother nature has graced us with fall and winter days and I enjoy them a lot. This time,

    Why I love Vests
  • The Vintage Sequin Jacket

    Storytime! Let’s talk about the sequin jacket I am wearing. This jacket was a gift from Maho. For those new to the blog, Maho is one of my best friends and used to be my blog’s photographer. She moved about a year ago to Madrid and left me all alone here in Miami. Nah, I’m exaggerating but I do miss… [Continue Reading]

    The Vintage Sequin Jacket
  • My First PR Unboxing

    I was so excited to finally record a PR unboxing video. I got three packages on the same day, so I decided to share with you guys what I got. The first package came from a Brazilian hair care brand. The second was my January Sephora Playbox. Lastly, I opened an Influenster box that had super cool products. Watch and… [Continue Reading]

    My First PR Unboxing
  • Baker Boy Hat

    I bought this baker boy hat a couple of months ago, but I had never shoot it for the blog. It took me a long time to decide if I really wanted to try this trend, or if I should let it go. I tried the hat every time I saw it in stores. Like many trends, years ago I… [Continue Reading]

    Baker Boy Hat
  • My 4th Blog Anniversary

    I can’t believe that today is Moda Addicted’s 4th blog anniversary. It started as a school project, then it became a hobby. Now is so much more than that. First of all, I want to thank all of you who take their time reading my posts. It is so gratifying knowing that I help you and/or entertain you with my… [Continue Reading]

    My 4th Blog Anniversary

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Tribal Movie Nights

My brother has been asking me for days to take him to the movies (he’s 13) so last night I took him to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction. I must admit, I want to be a transformer or own one lol. The movie is amazing I recommend it 100%!! it is a little bit lengthy but so good! I wanted to…

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Fashion and errands

Today I had a couple of errands to run. I am in the process of putting up a cork wall in my closet to organize my jewelry (when I finish it I will put up a post on ways to organize your closet and your jewelry). So I had to go and by the cork and the tacks. I also…

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A Day at the U…

Today I had a couple of meetings at my university, FIU. I am currently the president of the Venezuelan organization, Venezuelan Student Alliance (VSA). We had our first e-board meeting to talk about what events we are going to do during the fall semester.


Yesterday I went to a friend’s house to watch the USA vs Portugal game. What a game!! I was rooting for the USA team, as you can see with my outfit lol! I dressed up with the colors of the USA flag, yet it is still an outfit you can wear to lunch or for school. I didn’t want to…

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Yesterday I went out with my friends to get lunch at Perricone’s (my favorite restaurant in Miami) in Brickell. It was more like a farewell lunch because most of them are leaving this weekend to Venezuela. It was extremely hot in Miami, so I wore a spaghetti strap top and the pants are silky so I didn’t feel like I…

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