Style 101: Daytime Pajama Trend

It’s been a while since I started seeing the pajama trend making headlines. From the big print magazines to huge websites like Who What Wear, started talking about how to master this look. I am going to share a little story and how I came to love wearing daytime pajamas. The first time I saw the pajama trend Read More »


How to dress casual but chic too

One of the things that the majority of people asume is that us, fashion bloggers, go out everyday super glamorous. The truth is that we keep in balance our outfits; at least I do. While most of the time you’ll find dressier looks on my blog, there are days were Read More »


Breaking Fashion Trends’ Stereotypes

I hear all the time society categorizing fashion trends and stereotyping women based on what they wear. For example, that girls with large chests shouldn’t wear crop tops. That it makes the women look too voluptuous and vulgar. I have worn crop tops several times, of course the ones that flatter my silhouette. In this case, Read More »


The Girl in the Green Dress

One of the things that I enjoy the most is going around my city and finding new intriguing places. Earlier this week, I went out with my mom and we found this cute shop. It is like a Home Depot type of store but has a more local vibe, and it also has a little flower shop. I enjoyed so much discovering this place. The best part is that it’s near my house! For me Read More »


My Days Off

This year, unlike the others, I didn’t have holiday vacations. I started working in retail in September and well, holiday season is the busiest time of the year. Even though I enjoy my work, I and beyond exhausted. The mall was closing at 11:00pm, but I am so glad we are getting back to normal mall hours this week. Although, I am even more excited to Read More »