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Hola Chicas,

La semana pasada fue un poco loca. Llena de trabajo y aún con la cabeza en Venezuela. Estuve revisando las últimas foticos que Maho me mandó de nuestro último photoshoot *insertar carita con pucheros* y me topé con las fotos de este outfit. Tengo que admitir que subió a mi outfit #1 del blog.

Como saben el bordado en la ropa Read More »

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Where Have I Been?

I have been a little absent on the blog for many reasons, but let me assure you that I am 100% back. I am not sure if my full-time job will allow me to update the blog as often as I did before, but I’ll try my best. Today, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to and where have I been.

My blog was on pause because I needed a break. I felt like a I was leaving my friends and family to the side and focusing on my career and my blog. I missed those Read More »

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The Denim Trend + Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an outfit post. I know it feels like I have abandoned you guys. The truth is that balancing my full-time job with the blog is hard. However, I am trying to come up with a schedule that works for me because at the end blogging is what I love most. With that said, today’s post is in partnership with a Miami local store, True Armoire. I got to know the brand through my photographer, Read More »


My Zara Spring Wishlist


Spring is just 20 days away, so I thought it was suitable that I shared with you my spring wishlist. Like many of you know, every season I create my wishlist filled with upcoming trends. This time I decided to create …  a Zara Spring Wishlist. I love Zara and Read More »


Outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day

During the weekend, I couldn’t think of what outfits to share with you guys this week. Suddenly, I was flipping through magazines and of course Valentine’s Day was all over. So, I found it fitting that I share with you what I would wear to Valentine’s Day times two. I decided to create Read More »