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My Skin Care Routine with Clarisonic

I still remember my mom yelling to me every morning and every night, “Ana wash your face!” When I was young, early teens, I didn’t care that much about skin care. I would wash my face regularly, but not every day nor would I use products. Then came puberty and zits; I went crazy. I tried Read More »


DIY Make-Up Brush Cleanser

I wear makeup everyday. Wearing makeup everyday is not recommended, but I don’t wear it to feel prettier or to feel more comfortable. I wear it because I love to use it. I love buying new lipsticks in all shades possibles, and let’s not even talk about eye-shadows. Although, Read More »


What’s In My Bag: Swim Week

Hello again fashion lovers!

As I write this post, I am also organizing my bag for… SWIM WEEK! It is my first time ever going to this week-long event and I am super excited. Well, last year I went to one show as a class project but I don’t think it counts.

Read More »


Top 5 YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Hello Fashion Addicts!

This week I bring you a list of my top 5 beauty/makeup Vloggers. I have always wanted to start a youtube channel with tip and tutorial videos, but I think right now will be a road to disaster hahaha. Hopefully in near future I’ll invest a little more time and money so I can put my youtube channel up and going. But for now I leave you with my go-to bloggers for when I want to learn new makeup techniques or need tips, even for product reviews. Read More »