My 4th Blog Anniversary

blog anniversary

I can’t believe that today is Moda Addicted’s 4th blog anniversary. It started as a school project, then it became a hobby. Now is so much more than that. First of all, I want to thank all of you who take their time reading my posts. It is so gratifying knowing that I help you and/or entertain you with my blog. Second, I want you to know that blogging has become my life. I have met incredible people at events and through social media. Acquaintances that have become friends and I think is actually my favorite part from all of this.

Through my blog, I have also learned many things. Not only related to fashion and beauty but life lessons. The most important one is that you have to learn from your errors. It is a more positive way to look at mistakes, than just lamenting yourself. I have also learned that perseverance and patience are keys to success. It is important to be patient in order to see the results of all the work you put into a project. Perseverance is also extremely important, because when you fall you need to keep trying; eventually hard work pays off.

Lastly, to celebrate my blog anniversary, I want to give back. So I decided to host a giveaway for you! So head over to my Instagram account to participate because it is full of makeup goodies and more!

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


Aun no puedo creer que han pasado cuatro años desde que creé Moda Addicted. Comenzó como un proyecto en la universidad, luego se convirtió en un hobby, y ahora es muchisímo mas. Primero que nada, quiero agradecerles a cada una/o de ustedes que se toman el tiempo de leer mi blog. No saben cuanto les agradezco porque todo lo que he logrado ha sido a ustedes. Me da muchísima alegría saber que los puedo ayudar y que los entretengo a traves de este portal.

Lo que más disfruto de todo esto, es que, he podido conocer personas increíbles. Personas que se han convertido en amigas que adoro y que admiro. También me ha dejado enseñanzas en estos cuatro años. He aprendido de mis errores y como verle el lado positivo a los que he cometido. También he aprendido que la perseverancia y la paciencia son claves para el éxito. Siempre se debe tener perseverancia al caer para volver a pararse y seguir, y paciencia para ver los resultados.

Como estoy tan agradecida y para celebrar mi ‘blog anniversary’ Les dejé en Instagram un sorteo que está buenisímo. Lleno de maquillaje y otra cositas mas! Así que presiona aquí para ir al mi post en Instagram y participar!

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño

blog anniversary

blog anniversary

blog anniversary

blog anniversary

$100 Outfit Challenge || Forever 21

$100 Dollars Outfit Challenge!
I have been working on this video for a couple of days, and I am so excited to finally share it with you! The story behind it is in the video itself and I want you all to join me in this challenge. Scroll down and enjoy the video! I went shopping to @forever21 with just $100 and guess how many outfits I created?! Comment below you guesses! #100DOutfitChallenge

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


He estado trabajando en este video desde hace tiempo y estoy muy emocionada de poder compartirlo con ustedes! La historia detrás de este reto esta en el video así que no dejen de verlo. Espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo disfruté hacerlo. Me fuí de shopping a Forever 21 con solo $100 y adivinen cuantos outfits logré crear?! Comenten abajo que tal les pareció el video y si quieres mas de este estilo.

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


Travel Diaries: Madrid

It’s been 3 months since my trip to Madrid, and it took me ages to edit the vlogs for YouTube. Finally, I can share them with you, it is actually one big vlog divided in two parts. Aside from the videos documenting my experience, I wanted to share with you a list of the must-go places you should visit when in Madrid:

1. Mama Framboise: it’s a pastry shop with the best desserts ever! You haven’t been to Madrid if you have not eaten their chocolate elephant ears. Also, their macarons are the bomb!

2. El Corte Ingles: originally, I thought this was just one store. Well, it is actually a chain of stores that can be compared to any department stores in the US. Actually, they are way bigger than department stores in the US. If you want to visit the biggest one and get lost in a store full of all types of clothing go to the one in Las Tablas. It is a little far from he city, like 40min in metro, but it is so worth it!

3. Parque del Retiro: It is like the Central Park of Madrid. You can enjoy a nice picnic day or ride boats. It is just too beautiful not to visit.

4. Gran Vía & Serrano Street: Theses are actually far away from each other, but I consider them the top street to go shopping. Gran Vía is just way too famous and too crowded, but it has Primark and many other cool stores. Primark is like a HUGE 5 or 6 story store and it is SO cheap. Serrano Street is full of designer boutiques and it is just so cute. If I ever move to Madrid, I declare here and now that I will live in Serrano.

5. Ponzano Street: This is more of a nighttime scene than daytime, although you can perfectly go during the day. It is a street full of bars and it is common to just bar hop eat some tapas and drink a lot of wine. So, if you want to indulge in some typical Spanish cuisine and have fun with friends, Ponzano is a must.

All the other tourist places you can find on the vlogs below. Don’t forget to give the videos thumbs up if you love them and subscribe to my channel for more video content!

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño

Holiday Outfits under $100

I am super excited for Christmas and New Year’s and to share with you my holiday outfits guide. This is my favorite time of the year; after my birthday of course. Not only because of all the amazing things we received but because we spend time with our family and enjoy the traditions together. This year I decorated our Christmas tree; You can still see it on the highlights on my Instagram profile. We also do hallacas, which is a typical dish from my country. And my favorite tradition lately, since Santa doesn’t come to my house anymore *sad face*, is to open gifts on Christmas day. My parents, my brother, and I gather around the tree and give each of us a gift. Enough with the Christmas traditions, and let’s talk Holiday Fashion.

Last year, I shared with you two-holiday looks (look 1, look 2). This year is a little different. So far, I’ve only had the chance to take photos of one outfit. Maybe I’ll share more on Instagram. Of course, I couldn’t leave you with just one outfit inspiration. I decided to create a holiday outfits guide, and the best part is that all outfits are under $100. They range from super casual to super fancy. And I have included items from underwear to accessories and super cute clothing pieces. Because you know what they say, you need to receive the new year with brand new items to wear. You can find the guide at the end of the post.

If you end up recreating or getting, the outfits I have put together, share them with me on Instagram with the hashtag #MAHolidayLooks. I will be sharing mine too!

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


Estoy demasiado emocionada por Navidad y por Año Nuevo. Estoy muy confiada de que el 2018 traerá cosas buenas y mejores que el 2017. El año pasado les compartí dos looks para la época de Navidad, pero este año he estado un poco full. Así que, solo he tenido chance de tomar esta foticos navideñas pero al final del post les dejaré varias pintas por si se les antojan para llevar en Navidad. Dicen por ahí, ademas, que en Año Nuevo hay que estrenar ropa así que les dejé desde ropa interior hasta accesorios. Los looks van desde el mas casual hasta el mas fancy. Lo mejor de todo es que cada outfit está por debajo de los $100!

Si llegan a recrear uno de los looks compartan lo conmigo por Instagram con el hashtag #MAHolidayLooks. Esta época es mi favorita, siempre me convierto en una niña. Aunque Santa ya no llega a mi casa, mi familia y yo nos hemos encargado de hacer como un pequeño intercambio el 25 y esa mañana es que abrimos todos los regalos. 

¿Qué tradición tiene ustedes en esta época?  

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño






Faux Suede Moto Jacket

I was window shopping during my break at work, and I saw this faux suede moto jacket at Forever 21. I couldn’t resist the urge and went to get after my shift was over. Of course, at the moment I forgot how hot Miami is, but lately the weather has been perfect. You get to wear jackets and sweaters at night; the perfect city weather. I just hope the weather falls a little more so we can feel it is actually winter. I know, I am asking too much, but hey a girl can dream right?

The moto jacket is a classic piece to edge up your outfits. In my opinion, it is a must in every girls closet. Also, it is the first time my CH Carolina Herrera bag makes and appearance here on the blog. You probably have seen it on Instagram, because I couldn’t wait to shoot for the blog to share it with you. It is my new baby and just so you know you’ll see the two pieces a lot during the season.

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


Hace unas semanas estuve caminando por el mall y pasé por Forever 21. Tenían esta chaqueta en la entrada de la tienda y no me pude resistir. Al salir del trabajo, salí corriendo a comprarla. Luego me recordé que en Miami no hace mucho frío jaja. Lo bueno es que en estos días ha bajado un poco la temperatura y está como para usar chaquetas y suéteres de noche. Eso me emociona bastante, aunque is les soy sincera me encantaría que bajara un poco más.

Lo cierto es que estas chaquetas siempre han estado de moda. En mi opinión es una pieza básica que toda mujer debe tener en su closet. En otra nota, es la primera vez que mi cartera nueva de CH Carolina Herrar sale en el blog. La compré en España y de seguro ya la han visto en Instagram. No podía esperar a tomar fotos de un outfit jaja. Y prepárense porque estas dos piezas las verán muchísimo en el blog esta temporada.

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño



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