The Camo Jacket


I can’t believe the semester is almost over. This quarter went by so fast! I had lots of fun working on my projects and learning so many things about the fashion industry. The program is all about luxury fashion which is something that I love. For anyone trying to find what to do in college and looking into careers related to fashion, I recommend SCAD 100%. The photos for this post I took a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot about them! I can’t believe I never shared this outfit here on the blog. This camo jacket is from Urban Outfitters and is all made out of recycled materials. I bought it years ago; I was still in high school, can you believe it? Do you have any items in your closet that you never throw away? I have so many things in my closet sometimes I feel I am a hoarder *lol*. Anyways, the shoes are from Aldo. They were on sale for $20, and I couldn’t resist myself.

Hope you guys are having an amazing week!

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño

No puedo creer que ya casi termino mi primer semestre en SCAD! He disfrutado al máximo mi tiempo en la universidad y en esta ciudad tan hermosa. Cada día me enamoro mas de Savannah. He aprendido muchísimo de la industria de la moda y los proyectos han sido super divertidos. Si me esta leyendo por aquí alguna chica, o chico, que desee estudiar algo relacionado con la moda, les recomiendo SCAD con los ojos cerrados. Las fotos de este post las tome hace algunas semanas y no puedo creer que se me olvidó publicarlas. Esta chaqueta de camuflaje la compre hace mil años. Aún estaba en el colegio imagínense. Es de Urban Outfitters y me encantó porque es hecha de puros materiales reciclados. A veces no les pasa que no se deshechan de cosas? Yo debo tener mas de una pieza como esta en mi closet. Los zapatos los compré en Aldo por $20. Estaban en oferta y no me pude resistir.

Espero que estén teniendo una excelente semana!

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño








My Experience with Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NeutrogenaLightChallenge #CollectiveBias

A couple of years ago, I decided to visit my dermatologist, and she recommended Neutrogena®. Oh my, Switching to the brand has helped so much! I have been using several Neutrogena products for over two years, and I can recommend all products. But, Today I will be talking about one specific product that has changed my life. The Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment is a game changer. Not only do I get to avoid costly visits to my dermatologist, but I get to take it with me everywhere. It is a technology that dermatologists have used for years, but now Neutrogena® is bringing it to your house with this patented products. The product uses red and blue light therapy to fight acne; it is indeed revolutionary. The Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment is UV-Free, so it is entirely safe for your skin. It is a clinically proven product and has been FDA approved.

For the longest time, since puberty to be more specific, I suffer from acne.  My acne is not severe, and I know is due to my hormones. I only get it in my chin and between my brows; usually around ‘that’ time of the month. It is something that I’ve been concerned about and during my teen years, it affected my self-esteem. I wouldn’t leave my house without makeup, and I still don’t but for other reasons not related to my acne haha. I tried every single product you can imagine, from all the brands in drug stores to birth control (which helped a lot) still I still got a pimple during my days, and it frustrated me. It is why I decided to visit the doctor.

Imagine my excitement when Neutrogena® reached out to collaborate on this post. I have been using the products for weeks now, and I love it. I know I won’t stop using it. Right about when I accepted to do this collaboration, I got a huge pimple on my chin. As soon as I got the product, I put it to work. The first week I saw a significant improvement, my pimple downsized, and you could barely see it. The treatment even helped the pimple pop on it own without me having to damage my skin doing it myself. The product not only made my zits disappear, but I have not gotten new ones since I started using it. In fact, Neutrogena® statistics on the product say that 98% of users had reduced the breakouts.

I chose to try this product for several reasons; it is light, small, and it fits all of my purses. I have taken it everywhere I go this past month. It traveled with me to Savannah and to my friends’ houses too. It is perfect for upcoming summer trips and overall vacations; when you want to keep up your skincare routine but you don’t want to take a million products with you.

The Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment is super easy to use, and it doesn’t take a considerable amount of time. It is recommended to do it three times every day. My skin is super sensitive, so I decided to do it twice a day and also to fit my schedule. I usually use the product faster washing my face in the mornings and before putting my makeup on of course. Then at nights, I use the product again before bed. It takes less than 5 minutes, and it has become part of my daily routine. Another great thing that made me love the product, even more, is the price! It is so affordable, for us it is less than $20! Can you believe it? You get dermatologist level care for a price that it is unbeatable.

I also would like to advise you to visit the dermatologist if you have clinical questions about the product. I am not an expert on this subject, and I am in no position of telling you what products you should use. The purpose of sharing this post is to share my successful experience using the product and how much it has helped me. You should also avoid products with active ingredients that fight acne as it may affect how your skin reacts. The product works best when you use it for 30 days straight. Otherwise, you might see improvement, but the treatment won’t be complete. Neutrogena® offers two products with this revolutionary technology the treats acne, the Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Mask, and the Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment. If you decided to try one of these products know that you can’t use them simultaneously, you could only use one every 30 days. The products don’t work in tandem.

I hope you decide to give it a try! Let me know in the comment section if you have tried it or if you will! I would love to hear all about your experience! Of course, I couldn’t leave you with just my experience, and I got some discount announcement! Some products are $10 off, and the offer expires on 12/31/2018! 

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño




You can find these products at all Walmarts!


My First Month at SCAD


Hello fashion addicts!

Its been so long since I last wrote a post here on the blog. Many of you already know that I moved to Savannah, Georgia. I decided to take that next step in my career. A friend of mine, Andrea, mentioned to me, before the holidays, that she was moving to Savannah. She was going to start her master’s degree at SCAD. It intrigued me, so I decided to research on the school. I had heard it before but didn’t know how good it was. Little did I know, the fashion master’s program at SCAD is the number one master’s degree in the entire world, according to the Business of Fashion.

You know how it all went down after that. I applied to the SCAD, I waited three weeks to hear back, and then I got the acceptance letter. I couldn’t contain my happiness. Even my neighbors found out I got accepted. My friend was super happy as well. However, if I were to do it all over again, I would have applied for more time. Finding a place to live was super stressful, and on top of that, I was waiting on the news on my student loans. It was all so fast and the weeks went by like lightning. Of course, I do not regret anything, and I love that I am here studying my dream career.

Upon arriving at school, I reunited with Andrea. Andrea introduced me to Wendy and Camila. Funny enough, we are all doing the same master’s program. I was a little nervous about how my life would be here in Savannah. It is the first time I live by myself; it is exciting yet scary for me. I am so glad I have these girls with whom I share my passions here in Savannah. Even though it’s been only three weeks, I already considered them my squad, and I love that I connected with them instantly.

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño

Hola chicas!

Siento que las tengo abandonadas por aquí, pero prometo que he regresado para quedarme. Este último mes ha sido una locura. La mudanza a Savannah me tiene la rutina descontrolada pero ya poco a poco estoy regresando a mi viejo yo; con unos cuantos cambios por supuesto. Como saben, estoy estudiando mi postgrado en SCAD. Toda esta locura comenzó cuando Andrea, de Styleurmood, me comentó que se mudaba a Savannah. Yo había escuchado un par de veces de esta uni y sabía que era buena, pero no estaba 100% informada de lo excelente que es. Comencé a investigar un poco mas sobre la universidad y descubrí que era la universidad de mis sueños. Además el programa que etsoy cursando fue nombrado el número uno a nivel mundial por la revista digital Business of Fashion. Ya con eso fue como un “wow necesito estudiar ahí.”

Para hacerles el cuento corto, apliqué, me aceptaron, y morí de la emoción jaja. No no es cierto, pero si se me notaba lo feliz que estaba. Luego comenzó todo el caos. Necesitaba buscar un lugar en donde vivir, como voy a pagar ahora la universidad, y todas esas cosas estresantes. En fin, si me hubiese gustado tener mas tiempo para organizarme, pero al realidad es que en un abrir y cerrar de ojos ya estaba instaladísima en mi apartamento nuevo. No saben lo feliz que estoy de haber dado este paso. Aunque no les miento, estaba super nerviosas y asustada. Nunca he vivido sola y pensar en eso me revolvia el estomago.

Llegé a Savannah con la fortuna de tener a una gran amiga, Andrea, aquí. De hecho, si me hubiese venido sola sola probablement estuviese en proceso de adaptacioón aún. Andrea me presentó a Wendy y a Camila y de verdad que siento que ya las quiero jaja. Son unas chicas diferentes a mi pero a mismo tiempo compartimos la misma pasión y creo que por eso hicimos click instantáneamente.

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño







I Went Shopping With Diet Coke®

This shopping experience post has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, but all opinions are my own. #BecauseICan #ThirstyForMore #CollectiveBias


As a fashion blogger, to keep my brand up to date and relevant in this fast-paced world, I go shopping frequently. This time I went shopping but not entirely for the blog. Many of you might know already that I am moving to Savannah, Georgia, and while this move new and exciting, it is also scary. I have never lived by myself and I am so eager to be there already and start this new chapter in my life. I can’t believe I have never talked about my number one shopping essential, Diet Coke® here on the blog. It’s been my go-to drink since I can remember and I just can’t picture my everyday errands without it. By the way, have you guys checked out Diet Coke’s sleek new look? I love it! It is so fresh and the cans look so cute. Even though Diet Coke is getting a makeover, don’t worry about the flavor because it is keeping the great original taste it’s always had.

The company also launched new flavors! Say what? My favorite so far is the Diet Coke® Ginger Lime. I remember my mom always told me that adding lime to my Diet Coke would just make my day better. The first time I tried this flavor I immediately thought of my mom and asked myself where has this flavor been all my life?! I am telling you, it is another level of greatness. Diet Coke also introduced: Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke® Twisted Mango, and Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange (check them out here). Can I confess something? I have already created outfits to matched the new cans! I know it sounds insane, but they look so cool. The new sleek Diet Coke flavors are available at retailers across Florida and you can get them in 8-packs or buy on-the-go singles.

The new campaign from Diet Coke® #BecauseICan just makes me realize that I can do anything if I set up my mind to it. It is why in my home Diet Coke will always be there with me. I know I can move and be successful in my new career path. And I know I’ll have tons of fun at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Having said that, all I can tell you guys is never let fear prevent you from taking risks and going on new adventures. I mean, Diet Coke did it with their adventurous new flavors and the new Diet Coke cans.

I left below some extra tips of my must-do things while I am shopping.

And because I couldn’t leave you with just the tips here is a fun cash back offer!

Earn $1.25 with the purchase of 1 Diet Coke 8-pack, 12 oz. cans (any variety), along with any brand of avocados (any variety, any size). Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate. (redeem here)

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño



Tips for a great shopping experience:

1. Choose a comfortable outfit that you won’t want to strip down at the middle of the mall. I always go for a loose top and jeans and sometimes even joggers. For shoes, I feel that sandals or easy to remove shoes are easier if you are shopping in that area.

2. If you go for sandals, ALWAYS take a pair of socks with you. You don’t want to put your bare foot inside sneakers that basically everyone has tried on.

3. On that note, if you decide to buy the shoes always ask if they have a new pair. You know it’s been tried on before because when you open the box the packaging has been removed already (the paper and foam covers, etc.)

4. Try to schedule your shopping days when you are not on THOSE days if you know what I mean. When mother nature hits the majority of women retain a lot of liquids that results in bloating. I always put on like 5 pounds of extra weight during those days. So if I went shopping while on my days, most likely I’ll buy the wrong size in clothes.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to eat and drink liquids! LOL, I sometimes forget because I get so excited about the shopping. Give yourself a break.




Why I love Vests

The weather in Miami has been so nice lately that I get to play around with my outfits. Normally, I have to wear summer outfits all year round, but not this year. Mother nature has graced us with fall and winter days and I enjoy them a lot. This time, …

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