I Went Shopping With Diet Coke®

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As a fashion blogger, to keep my brand up to date and relevant in this fast-paced world, I go shopping frequently. This time I went shopping but not entirely for the blog. Many of you might know already that I am moving to Savannah, Georgia, and while this move new and exciting, it is also scary. I have never lived by myself and I am so eager to be there already and start this new chapter in my life. I can’t believe I have never talked about my number one shopping essential, Diet Coke® here on the blog. It’s been my go-to drink since I can remember and I just can’t picture my everyday errands without it. By the way, have you guys checked out Diet Coke’s sleek new look? I love it! It is so fresh and the cans look so cute. Even though Diet Coke is getting a makeover, don’t worry about the flavor because it is keeping the great original taste it’s always had.

The company also launched new flavors! Say what? My favorite so far is the Diet Coke® Ginger Lime. I remember my mom always told me that adding lime to my Diet Coke would just make my day better. The first time I tried this flavor I immediately thought of my mom and asked myself where has this flavor been all my life?! I am telling you, it is another level of greatness. Diet Coke also introduced: Diet Coke® Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke® Twisted Mango, and Diet Coke® Zesty Blood Orange (check them out here). Can I confess something? I have already created outfits to matched the new cans! I know it sounds insane, but they look so cool. The new sleek Diet Coke flavors are available at retailers across Florida and you can get them in 8-packs or buy on-the-go singles.

The new campaign from Diet Coke® #BecauseICan just makes me realize that I can do anything if I set up my mind to it. It is why in my home Diet Coke will always be there with me. I know I can move and be successful in my new career path. And I know I’ll have tons of fun at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Having said that, all I can tell you guys is never let fear prevent you from taking risks and going on new adventures. I mean, Diet Coke did it with their adventurous new flavors and the new Diet Coke cans.

I left below some extra tips of my must-do things while I am shopping.

And because I couldn’t leave you with just the tips here is a fun cash back offer!

Earn $1.25 with the purchase of 1 Diet Coke 8-pack, 12 oz. cans (any variety), along with any brand of avocados (any variety, any size). Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate. (redeem here)

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño



Tips for a great shopping experience:

1. Choose a comfortable outfit that you won’t want to strip down at the middle of the mall. I always go for a loose top and jeans and sometimes even joggers. For shoes, I feel that sandals or easy to remove shoes are easier if you are shopping in that area.

2. If you go for sandals, ALWAYS take a pair of socks with you. You don’t want to put your bare foot inside sneakers that basically everyone has tried on.

3. On that note, if you decide to buy the shoes always ask if they have a new pair. You know it’s been tried on before because when you open the box the packaging has been removed already (the paper and foam covers, etc.)

4. Try to schedule your shopping days when you are not on THOSE days if you know what I mean. When mother nature hits the majority of women retain a lot of liquids that results in bloating. I always put on like 5 pounds of extra weight during those days. So if I went shopping while on my days, most likely I’ll buy the wrong size in clothes.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to eat and drink liquids! LOL, I sometimes forget because I get so excited about the shopping. Give yourself a break.




Why I love Vests

The weather in Miami has been so nice lately that I get to play around with my outfits. Normally, I have to wear summer outfits all year round, but not this year. Mother nature has graced us with fall and winter days and I enjoy them a lot. This time, …

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The Vintage Sequin Jacket

Storytime! Let’s talk about the sequin jacket I am wearing. This jacket was a gift from Maho. For those new to the blog, Maho is one of my best friends and used to be my blog’s photographer. She moved about a year ago to Madrid and left me all alone here in Miami. Nah, I’m exaggerating but I do miss her a lot. Before leaving, she left me this beautiful vintage sequin jacket. It was her mom’s but she figured I would use it more than her, plus it is super heavy. So yeah this jacket has been in my closet for a year and I was waiting for the perfect moment to wear.

Originally, I was going to wear it no NYFW. Yes! I was planning on going to fashion week in NYC for weeks, but I left my job. I talked briefly about this on my Instagram stories about what happened. So long story short, I decided to quit my job because I was unhappy. My manager treated everyone like a slave and honestly working at the mall is just savage. The hours are horrible, especially when you are a full-time associate. I left and felt so much happier, and of course, I took with me all the valuable lessons and all the good stuff. Consequently, my 2018 trips fell into a deep black hole. Well at least NYFW did.

I couldn’t wait much longer to share this sequin jacket on the blog, so I talked with my girl Annabel. She’s my new photographer, not officially but I love how she works. It is the third time we shoot together and this time we snapped 2 outfits. Because I had this idea that the jacket was going to be shot between the beautiful concrete walls from New York, we looked for the most New York-ish street in Miami. I am beyond happy with the end result.

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño

Hora de un cuentico! Hablemos de esta chaqueta de lentejuelas que me trae loca. Me la regalo mi amiga Maho. Para las personas nuevas que pasan por el blog, Maho es una de mis mejores amigas y solía ser mi fotógrafa. Maho se mudo hace mas o menos un año a Madrid y me dejó abandonada aquí en Miami. Bueno jaja estoy exagetando pero si la extraño muchísimo. Me desvíe jaja la chaqueta era de su mamá pero como andaba con el rollo de la mudanza me la regaló. Y bueno sí, la chaqueta tiene un año agarrando polvo en mi closet.

Lo cierto es que, estaba esperando a el momento o el evento perfecto para usarla. Se me ocurrió que sería perfecto llevarla a New York Fashion Week. Sí!! tenía planeando ese viaje desde hace como dos meses y estaba muy ilucionada. No solo porque iba a ir fashion week pero también porque volvería a la ciudad de mis sueños. Como saben en diciembre dejé mi trabajo. Decidí renunciar porque era infeliz y mi jefa tratada horrible a los empleados. Cuando renuncié me sentí libre y feliz; como si me hubiese quitado 1000 kilos de encime. Pero cuando renuncié tambien lo hice a los viajes que tenía planeados para principios del 2018. 

Por supuesto, quedé con el pica pica de tomar fotos con la chaqueta. Llamé a Annabel, mi nueva fotògrafa (bueno una de las nuevas) y le comenté de lo que tenía pensado. Esta es la tercera vez que trabajo con ella y de verdad que la adoro. Trabaja super bien y ademas cuando tomamos fotos me da tips y me ayuda bastante. Como la idea era usar la chaqueta en NYFW, decidimos buscar la calle mas New Yorquina de Miami. Y bueno estoy meda contenta con el resultado final!

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño






My First PR Unboxing

I was so excited to finally record a PR unboxing video. I got three packages on the same day, so I decided to share with you guys what I got. The first package came from a Brazilian hair care brand. The second was my January Sephora Playbox. Lastly, I opened an Influenster box that had super cool products.

Watch and enjoy! <3

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño

Me emocioné mucho al grabar este video porque es la primera vez que me grabo abriendo cajas. Me llegaron 3 paquetes en un día y pensé que era el momento perfecto para hacerlo. El primer paquete es de una marca Brasilera de productos para el cabello. La segunda mi caja mensual de Sephora. Y por último, un regalo de Influenter y una marca reconocida de cosmeticos.

Espero que lo disfruten!

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño

Baker Boy Hat

I bought this baker boy hat a couple of months ago, but I had never shoot it for the blog. It took me a long time to decide if I really wanted to try this trend, or if I should let it go. I tried the hat every time I saw it in stores. Like many trends, years ago I would have never ever worn the baker boy hat. I found this one at Forever 21, and when I tried it I fell in love with it. It might have been the outfit I was wearing that day or my curls, but I had to get it. It was my niece’s birthday, Sofia, and I thought it was the perfect excuse to use it. I love this hat, and it is super trending at the moment. I’ve seen this baker boy or cabby hat trend all over Instagram.

What do you think about the baker boy hat trend?

XOXO, Ana Cristina Mariño


Me compré este gorro hace unos meses, pero no había tenido la oportunidad de tomarle foticos para el blog. Me tomó unas cuantas semanas decidirme si esta tendencia era para mi o es de esas que debía dejar ir. Estaba un día comprando en Forever 21, y me probé el baker boy hat y me enamoré. Puedo haber sido el outfit que tenia puesto o que ese día tenía mis rulos jaja pero me lo compré. Esta vez lo usé para el cumpleaños de mi sobrina Sofia, era la excusa perfecta ademas para tomarle fotos. Esta tendencia esta de furor ahorita, no se ustedes pero me sale por todos lados y en casi todas las fotos en Instagram!

¿Ustedes qué opinan de esta tendencia?

Besos, Ana Cristina Mariño







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