How to dress casual but chic too

One of the things that the majority of people asume is that us, fashion bloggers, go out everyday super glamorous. The truth is that we keep in balance our outfits; at least I do. While most of the time you’ll find dressier looks on my blog, there are days were I just don’t want to dress up. Usually when I am running errands, or simply during lazy days is when I just wear jeans a plain t-shirt. The outfit from this post is the perfect example of something that I would wear on my days off from work and when I don’t have special events planned out.

One thing that I think is hard, is how to dress casual and make it look effortlessly cute. Today on the blog, I am sharing with you a couple of tips of how to make a casual outfit look chic without putting to much mind into it. The most important, and key, items are the accessories. For example, shoe selection is very important. You can go with cute flats or statement sneakers. For instance, the Adidas Superstar, or the wedge sneakers from Steve Madden that I am wearing in the photos are great for this purpose. I went for a stripped t-shirt instead of a simple white tee. Graphic tees are also great to give a twist to casual outfits. Another tip, and one that I always do, is to add minimalistic jewelry. Something very simple like cute pearls and simple ring sets.

What are some key items that make your casual outfits go from too casual to super chic? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Una de las cosas que mucha gente asume es que las fashion bloggers siempre estamos vestidas super elegantes. La realidad es que hay días donde simplemente nos provoca usar unos jeans y franela. Hoy les traigo un outfit como parte del reto mensual de la comunidad de Fashion Bloggers Venezolanas #RetoEffortless. Este mes nos retaron a crear un outfit relajado, o effortless, pero con ese toque fashionista que siempre le damos a nuestros outfits. Este reto me inspiro a reunir unos tips para ustedes para que siempre estén de punta en blanco sin importar que tan casual o elegante sea el outfit.

A veces vestirnos casual es sinónimo de: ni pienso en lo que me estoy poniendo. Esto puede resultar en un look casi pijama jaja y esa no es la idea tampoco. En las fotos pueden ver lo sencillo que es el outfit que compuse, pero si se fijan bien hay unos pequeños detalles que lo hacen resaltar. Primero opté por una franela, o t-shirt, de rayas en vez de una típica blanca. Siempre es bueno tener éstas diferentes pero sencillas. Las franelas con escritos y diseños también son una excelente opción. Otro tip, y que para mí es el más importante, es la selección de calzado. Los zapatos que uses en estos días casuales son lo que separarán un outfit trendy/chic de uno muy simple. Yo opté por usar unos zapatos de goma de Steve Madden, están muy de moda las plataformas y el color es perfecto.

Y si quieres darle un toque mas femenino a el outfit la bisutería sencilla como unas perlas y unos anillos sencillos es esencial.

¿Tú qué toques sientes que son los más importantes para que esos looks casuales luzcan mas chic? Comparte tus ideas conmigo abajo en los comentarios!

T-Shirt: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: T.J.Maxx | Sunglasses: Francesca’s

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. Super cute jeans! Where do you get them? BTW – as a food blogger, jeans and t-shirt are my standard working outfits — its only when I have to “go somewhere” that I start to panic about clothes…

    • Thank you <3 The jeans are from Forever 21, but like 2-3 years old lol, but their new denim line is even better!

  2. Loving your outfit, cool pics :),. I find changing shoes can massively change an outfit from casual to dressed up, same as changing your jacket. Though i will wear a really cute suit jacket with jeans and trainers 🙂 its so easy to mix and match these days

    • Yes, combining dressier items with sneakers or something more casual sometimes ends up being an amazing outfit! Thank you <3

    • Aww thanks so much! I didn’t realize how the purse made the shoes stand out even more after I shot the outfit lol! <3

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