Breaking Fashion Trends’ Stereotypes

I hear all the time society categorizing fashion trends and stereotyping women based on what they wear. For example, that girls with large chests shouldn’t wear crop tops. That it makes the women look too voluptuous and vulgar. I have worn crop tops several times, of course the ones that flatter my silhouette. In this case, I have read a lot that long vests and midi skirts/dresses only work for tall people. I am not saying I am short, I believe to be average size (5’5″), but I loathe when people categorize trends for certain body types. Trends are for everyone, you just have to work a little harder to make them flatter your body instead of opaque it.

For a long time I have been trying to make the vest trend work. I have lost count on how many different combinations I tried on while shopping with different vests. But none of them were the right one. Finally, while browsing on Tobi, I found this long black vest and immediately caught my eye. I was not 100% if it will fit like I imagined, or if it would work like it did. As soon as the shipment arrived, I created +1,000 outfits with it. Vests are so in right now and I wanted to make it work. I am up for challenges when it comes to fashion. Specially when people say that a trend doesn’t fit certain group of people.

So my advice to you for this new year is to wear whatever your heart desire. As long as it flatters and accentuates your body image, I say go for it. It is ok to always ask for advice to your friends, sisters, and mothers, but always trust your gut too.

Have a happy 2017! May all of your wishes come true!


Siempre he escuchado a la sociedad categorizar las tendencias de moda dependiendo del estilo del cuerpo de las mujeres. Por ejemplo, que los crop-tops o escotes solo sirven para chicas con poco busto. Yo tengo busto, y me fascina usar crop tops. Por supuesto siempre usando modelos que me favorezcan. En este caso estoy usando un chaleco largo, que según muchos no me favorecería por mi estatura. No me considero una mujer bajita, mas bien mi tamaño es muy común (mido 5’5″). Siento que las tendencias de moda son para todo el mundo, siempre y cuando logren encontrar el modelo que favorece su cuerpo y no lo opaque.

Por muchísimo tiempo estuve en búsqueda del chaleco perfecto. Pase meses probando me chalecos en las tiendas tratando de crear el outfit perfecto, pero nunca encontraba el que quería. Finalmente, encontré este chaleco negro en la tienda online Tobi. Apenas lo vi me enamore de el y aunque no sabía si iba a quedar bien tuve que pedirlo. Apenas llegó el paquete, comencé a crear outfits con el hasta que di con el de las fotos. Cuando de trata de romper los estereotipos, siempre estoy de primera en la fila jaja. Especialmente cuando se empeñan en decir que una tendencia no es para todos.

Mi consejo para todas ustedes este 2017 es que se reten y usen esas tendencias a las que le tienen miedo. Tendencias que han dejado pasar por que la sociedad dice que no son para su tipo de cuerpo. Siempre es bueno pedir consejos a los que nos rodean como amigas, hermanas, o nuestras madres. Pero también escuchen a su voz interior y pongan se lo que las haga sentir feliz y cómodas.

Feliz Año Nuevo! Les deseo todo lo mejor para este 2017!

Top: SheIn | Jeans: Levi’s | Vest: Tobi | Sandals: Shoedazzle | Bag: Coach

 XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. While it’s important to make sure you’re projecting who and what you wish to be portrayed as it’s also important to remember you can’t please everyone! There will always be those who will have negative comments and all you can do is stay true to yourself and be authentic no matter what anyone says!

  2. Love this look! So pretty! Being of short stature and having basically no torso…I have troubles following clothing trends too…this is gorgeous on you! And I’m obsessed with that pearl ring too…been looking for one but just can’t find one I’m crazy about…

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