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Spotted, Strutting down the streets of Coral Gables. Ana Marino seems to be wearing an outfit that could be mistaken for one of our Queen B, Blair Waldorf. My sources tell me she admires B, but is Ana’s style as good as our Queen’s?

Dress: Forever 21, Heels: YSL, Jacket: Elie Tahari. Seems to me A is on a roll to take over the throne. Rumor has it, she wants to take over the fashion world. Although it may seem hard to do, it’s the determination in her that will make her succeed.

But why is the Miami gal dressed so glamorous under this heat? Word is that A is on the lookout for her dreamy boy. Would she go for a Dan Humphrey, lonely-boy type? Or is she more of a Chuck Bass type of gal? And let’s not forget our Golden Boy, Nate Archibald. I wish she went for the golden boy. Yeah right, there’s nothing that Gossip Girl Moda Addicted likes more than a Chuck and Blair relationship goals.

So what is it, her career objective or her heart? Truth is, there is a mystery behind A’s dazzling ensemble, but I’m going to need your help. So start sending in all the details you can gather, because I see gossip written all over her dress.


Hola chicas! Hoy les deje este post con el cual me divertí muchísimo. Este mes las chicas de Fashion Bloggers Venezuela nos dejaron con este Reto Gossip Girl. Se puede decir que soy fan #1 de la serie. La veo todos los veranos; ya se ha convertido como en un ritual o costumbre. Mi personaje favorito como podrán ver es Blair. Siento que es una chica llena de inseguridades al principio de la serie, pero que logra superar todos esos miedos que tiene. Me encanta su personalidad, aunque a veces tiende hacer demasiado bullying. Mis amigas a veces me dicen que en ciertos aspectos tiendo a tener un parecido con ella. Quizás sea la forma de vestir y también lo ambiciosas que podemos lograr ser.

La versión en inglés de este post, está escrita con un tono en tercera per

sona como en la serie. Me puse a jugar con palabras típicas de Gossip Girl y la verdad es que me reí mucho con el resultado. Espero que hayan disfrutado este post tanto como yo y no se olviden de dejarle amor al blog en los comentarios abajo!












Did Ana think she could pass unnoticed under my eyes? Guess she doesn’t know how powerful I am.

And who am I?
That’s a secret that I won’t tell you already know.
You know you love me!

XOXO Gossip Girl Moda Addicted

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  1. Love this! Gossip Girl was a favorite for sure. This outfit is definitely Queen B material. Love the heels and the headband too. The dress and jacket are gorgeous together.

  2. Your ensemble IS amazing! I am so swooning over that jacket – and need to get one for myself because I could see me wearing it a TON in the fall and winter!

  3. Wonderful read! That may have something to do with the fact that my daughter and I binged watched Gossip Girl this summer. Gotta say. I loved Chuck. The outfit looks wonderful on you.

  4. You look so gorgeous! I just love your style, sometimes we must have a style in our lives as reflects our personality too.

  5. Adorable! I love it all, but one of my favorites is definitely the bag and the headband! I am a purse-aholic and have WAY too many! My husband even intentionally walks in the opposite side of the store so we don’t pass them 😉

  6. I really love that outfit! I definitely agree, it would something that Queen B would wear! I am all up for a Chuck and Blair relationship, that’s the kind that everyone would want.

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