Valentine’s Day + Giveaway!

I have been ignoring this post for the longest time! And not because I don’t like V-Day but because was not inspired at all! It may sound silly — and I’m opening up here — but I have never had an actual Valentine’s Day date. I guess my dating days never fall during this time of the year.

The truth is Valentine’s Day for me is something very silly, is like an excuse to just dress up and go out with your loved ones. In reality this should happen more often that just once a year, or just on very anniversary day. I think love should be celebrated whenever you feel like it. But Hey! I love the red-pink-hearts-everywhere theme haha I enjoy it very much.


Tengo tiempo como evadiendo escribir este post, y no porque no me gusta El Día del Amor y La Amistad pero porque no encontraba inspiración! Esto va a sonar tonto — y voy a compartir con ustedes algo como mas privado — pero la verdad es que nunca he celebrado este día con una pareja jaja al parecer cuando salgo con alguien nunca coincide con estas fechas. 

Para mí este día es un poco chistoso, es como una excusa que busca la gente para arreglarse y salir a celebrar. Pero en mi opinión todos los días del año son un buen día para celebrar el amor y la amistad. Aunque admito que me encanta ver el theme por todos lados!


I decided to share an outfit that I would wear for a Valentine’s Day Date. It is a simple little black dress, and well Miami is getting chilly so I covered myself with a red coat from Nine West. The day I shot this pictures was extremely cold. Originally I was going to wear cute tights, but I forgot to grab them and well ended up freezing to death at the park.


Decidí compartir con ustedes lo que usaría el Día del Amor y La Amistad. Es un vestidito negro simple — el que toda mujer debería tener en su closet — y bueno como en Miami últimamente esta haciendo un poco de frío, usé un abrigo rojo de Nine West. El día que tomé estas fotos esta haciendo un frío horrible. Originalmente el outfit incluía unas medias panty — o medias de invierno — pero se me quedaron en la casa y bueno me congelé por completo.



For you ladies living in cold-weather cities looking for a little bit of inspiration on what to wear, this is the perfect look. You can add tights to cover yourself a little more and closed shoes. It is simple but very elegant and chic!


Para las que viven mas hacia el norte, o en lugares donde pega mucho frío, les dejo este outfit como inspiración. Pueden agregar las medias y zapatos cerrados para cubrirse un poco mas. Es un outfit super simple pero muy elegante y la moda!


I would love to hear your comments and intakes on in. You can leave feedback on the comment section below!



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Photography: @mahoh03

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. I love this outfit! I totally wish my legs looked like YOURS, but… Oh well, haha! I wish you had a date to take you out looking like that. But I’ve never been a Valentine’s Day kind of girl either. I live in hick town Virginia (New Kent County) and I’m a total tomboy, but if my fiance wanted to go out, I would love to wear something like this. 🙂

  2. I love your coat and agree wholeheartedly that loved ones should be celebrated more than once a year. Since my husband and I have had kids, we rarely go out on Valentine’s day itself, it’s always too crowded and overblown. So we are dropping off the kids at the grandparents and celebrating this weekend! I’m so excited. Thanks for sharing your style, being more stylish and less momish is one of my goals this year 🙂

    • Yay for mommy time! hahah I bet it’s hard to find alone time once you have kids! But very well needed. Enjoy you V-Day Date! <3

  3. Love the red coat! I have a white one that is similiar but I would trade it in a heartbeat for the red one and pair it with a smart white scarf instead.
    The shoes are gorgeous but I doubt I could walk in them!

  4. Love the red coat! I have a white one that is similar but I would trade it in a heartbeat for the red one and pair it with a smart white scarf instead.
    The shoes are gorgeous but I doubt I could walk in them!

  5. I have only ever had 1 year when I had a Valentine’s date, otherwise I’ve always been single. While I don’t really care about the holiday (and that’s not me being cynical, I just think it’s too Halmark-y for me), I thought I was going to have one this year too but then the boy and I broke up last weekend. There went that. I’ll be working anyway now.

  6. Valentines day is not just about romantic love but for family and friends. And celebrating that kind of love is meant for everyday! Wonderful clicks!

  7. That red coat is gorgeous! Valentine’s Day was always celebrated in my family growing up. Even as young as six years old, my best friends and I were celebrating our love for each other. Love is in every different relationship 🙂 Great post!

  8. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day either! But, I could find any reason to wear this cute outfit – the red jacket is stellar!

  9. I love the color red any time of year! Valentine’s dates are over rated. Grab a bunch of your gal pals and make it a Galentine’s day celebration. Celebrate your sisterhood! Make it your own holiday!!

  10. Aw you poor thing you still look fab even if you are cold! I know how you feel, today Storm Gertrude has come to the UK and I was trying to shoot in it but the wind was so powerful that we had to give up.

  11. I hear ya! I don’t find Valentine’s Day all that inspiring either. My husband and I usually tried to avoid eating out or doing anything because it will be so hectic those days. We usually end up at home! I think your outfit is gorgeous and I LOVE that red coat! 🙂

  12. Love the coat and shoes! My husband’s birthday is right before Valentine’s Day, so we tend to lump it all together. And now that we have three little ones, it is more about making them feel loved during that day than going out, although once in a while it would be nice to dress up and get out!

  13. I LOVE little black dresses! I’m not going to lie, but I feel like Valentine’s Day is overrated. I care less for it now than when I was in high school…it seemed like such a big deal to me then.

  14. You chose a great outfit! And don’t worry about not having a Valentine. I’ve been with my husband four years and we’ve only spent one together! I’ve simply learned how to enjoy the day by myself. I spend it with someone I love every year – myself!

    • Thank you! Don’t worry, I’ll try to do another giveaway soon! Remember to follow me on my social media accounts and email subscribe so you can enter my next giveaway on time 🙂

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