National Hat Day!

Happy National Hat Day Fashion Addicts!

When I was younger, I hated hats. All kinds of hats. I don’t know why, but the fact of just wearing something on my head that would cover my hair was just >.<. Now a days, things have changed and I am in love with hats, not all hats but some kinds of hats.


Feliz Día Nacional del Sombrero!

Cuando era pequeña, no me gustaba mucho usar sombreros, de ningún tipo. No se porque, pero el hecho de tener algo en la cabeza como que me molestaba. Hoy en día muero por algunos modelos, es decir, desarrolle como un amor por ellos.



This has got me thinking: Who invented hats? Women-hats… fashion-forward-very-elegant-hats. Well, it appears that hats were created by a man named John B. Stetson way before BCE (or before Christ like I always read those dates). But it was not until the 1800s that the fedora was born and well now we have plenty of hat designs to choose from.


Pensando es este día pensé: ¿Quién inventó el sombrero? los de mujeres mas que todo, los elegantes. Bueno, al parecer los sombreros fueron inventados miles de años antes de Cristo, o como le dicen ahora antes de la Era Común. Pero no fue como hasta el siglo XIX que los fedoras fueron creados. Y bueno ahora hay un sin fin de diseños de los cuales podemos escoger.

We see that across cultures wearing hats changes. Mostly among Christian women who attend church. I never did. I guess in my home country, Venezuela, it’s not a tradition to wear elaborate hats to Church. In fact it is even frowned upon if men even wear caps to mass. So maybe my dislike for hats came because of culture.


De acuerdo a la cultura, el uso de sombreros varia un poco. Quizás se ve mas en la religión Cristiana; las mujeres tienden a llevar sombreros un poco elaborados a misa. En mi país, Venezuela, no se acostumbra mucho, no es una tradición. Es mas, a las misas que yo solía ir se veía como de mal gusto que hasta los hombres llevaran gorras. Quizás es por esto que no me gustaba usar sombreros de pequeña.



Then my love for fashion was born, and with it a devotion for hats. Mostly for floppy hats and maybe fedoras. Now all I can think about is how many hats is too many? As of now I only own one black floppy hat, and I might be too-overly-obsessed with it. I am, currently, in the search of a red bold hat — a big bright red hat. It can be either a floppy hat or fedora, haven’t found the right one yet.


Luego mi amor por la moda creció, y con ello mi amor por los sombreros. Aunque solo tengo uno (el que pueden ver en las fotos), tengo una lista de unos cuantos que me encantaría tener. A veces pienso, cuantos sombreros pudiese llegar a tener jaja. Ahorita estoy en la búsqueda de uno rojo, algo llamativo. Puede ser un ‘floppy’ hat o un fedora, todavía no he encontrado el perfecto.


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Hat – Forever 21 (similar here)

And are you fashion addicts, addicted to hats too?


Y ustedes que opinan? Que tipo de sombreros son sus favoritos?

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  1. I have a friend whose mother is a retired teacher and rarely seen without an awesome hat. She wears them to church, to the store, to dinner, on a plane, while driving…you get the idea. When we see a great hat on a mannequin, we’ll post it to his wall so he can share it with her.

  2. I never thought I looked good in hats growing up, except for my baseball cap when working out! But there are so many cute ones on trend right now that I’m pretty tempted to give it another go.

  3. I didn’t realize till your post it was national hat day. Sad I missed it. My boys wear baseball hats everyday so I suppose they celebrated it for me. 🙂 Love that bag you are carrying. 🙂

    • Yes! There are several national days that are super fun, National Lipstick Day, Handbag Day. You can search fun national days on google <3

  4. Woah how cool! I had no idea National Hat Day was a thing! I love hats–my favorite kind is a floppy hat, which you are rocking in your photos! I have a few floppy hats. I have one for the summer that I take to the pool/beach, and then I have some for the fall as well that have a softer and wool-like texture.

    • Yes!! I would like to have one for the beach too! I will search during spring, so I’ll have one for summer 🙂

  5. So…I’m the opposite of you…I was put in hats a lot when I was younger…so maybe that’s why now I don’t like them. I just don’t like things on my head…or maybe my hair. However, not too long ago, I did find the large floppy style that I really enjoyed.

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