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It was about a year ago that I almost quit blogging for good. I was about to begin my last year in college and I knew that from there classes were going to get more time consuming. As much as I loved sharing my sense of style and daily activities with the world, or the few followers I had, I had a feeling I was gonna have to chose between my degree or blogging.

I stopped publishing articles during fall and focused on my school. Throughout the semester I felt something was missing. At nights, I always ended up with that feeling of unfinished business and that I had missed something from my to-do list. It was not until November, that I realized I missed the writing, the photography process, and working on my blog overall.

Blogging requires a lot of time and effort, but I came to realize I don’t care. I enjoy sharing my life lessons, tips I have picked up from friends and family, and my own intake in fashion. It is why I reinvented the blog, did my research, and relaunched Moda Addicted back in January.

For the relaunch, I partnered with one of my best friends from college. She happens to be a photographer. She enjoys taking photos and loves the process. I not only credit her for the photos, but also for the creativity for this photoshoot.

I decided to go for a plain white outfit and simple makeup to embrace the beauty of nature. I paired the outfit with gladiator sandals. That in reality made the photoshoot a little uncomfortable because it rain prior to the photos being taken. Other than that, the sandals went well with the outfit and I love the combination how simple pieces can make an outfit look complete without overdoing it.

If you loved the photography and would like to contact Maholi you can do it by clicking here and send a private message through Instagram.


Hace aproximadamente un año casi paro de bloguear por completo. Estaba a punto de comenzar mi último año de la universidad y sabía que eso me quitaría mucho tiempo libre. Por mas que me gustaba compartir mis outfits y actividades diarias con el resto del mundo, o bueno los pocos seguidores que tenía, algo me decía que iba a terminar en una situación donde me iba a tocar elegir entre el blog o la universidad. Empezando el semestre pare de publicar artículos y me enfoque en las clases. Pasaban los días y sentía esa sensación de que estaba olvidando algo. Me di cuenta que lo que me hacía falta era trabajar en el blog, el proceso de las fotografías y escribir. 

Aunque un blog requiere de mucha dedicación y tiempo, me di cuenta que eso ya no me importaba. Disfruto mucho de todo el proceso y no pararía de hacerlo por nada del mundo. Me encanta compartir con ustedes mi opinion sobre la moda y como llevarla a mi manera, consejos que escucho por ahí y lecciones que me da la vida. Es por eso que decidí reinventar el blog. Hice mi tarea y lancé de nuevo Moda Addicted.

Para el lanzamiento, me junte con una de mis mejores amigas de la universidad que ama la fotografía. No solo le doy crédito por la fotos pero también crédito por la creatividad que tiene.

Para este artículo decidí ir por un outfit todo de blanco y maquillaje simple para hacer énfasis en la naturaleza. Use unas sandalias gladiadores, que hicieron la sesión de fotos un poco mas complicada porque había llovido. Pero me encantó como encajaban perfecto con el outfit. 

Si deseas contactar a Maholi lo puedes hacer dandole click aquí y mandándole un mensaje privado por Instagram.

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Shirt: Ann Taylor | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Forever 21 | Bracelet: H&M

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XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. Blogging definitely is a commitment and takes a LOT of time. And effort. And energy. And patience. And… . But, keep it up! Its always a great release and always a fun time to share ideas with others!
    Karen |

  2. The location you chose for the shoot is stellar. I wish my legs were slender (and all of me really) in order to wear gladiator sandals at least once in my lifetime. Back in the 80’s they were popular and I could never get them to look right on my big calves.

    The bracelet, simple yet stunning. ^_^

  3. I love how you noticed that something was missing. It is so important to realize when even though it is hard work, it is important to us. I love blogging. I love sharing. And I agree that you miss it when you take a break.

  4. Beautiful pics! I absolutely love the sandals. So glad you didn’t give up blogging! I have felt like giving up a few times. But I would miss it!

  5. How nice that you have a friend who does photography (and good photography at that). These pictures are really great. Welcome back to blogging. It looks like your relaunch is a success!

  6. Your photos turned out great. Blogging takes so so much time. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately. Kind of weighing the pros and cons of continuing. We’ll see.

  7. Your experience sounds very much like my daughter’s. She just finished her sophomore year and has taken a break from blogging. BTW I just love your photos. Your photographer did a great job.

  8. I think we’ve all in that position. Blogging takes a LOT of time and work. But like you after I took a break I found I missed it. I cut down to twice a week and though its tough to get the posts done I feel great once they are up.

  9. Beautiful photos! There are definitely seasons for blogging and me. I started my first blog in college…way back in 2001, it seems like forever ago! Always seem to come back to it though 🙂

  10. I absolutely love the band you’ve put together with the white outfit, it looks so gorgeous. Great photography to! Congrats and well done on the relaunch and getting back into blogging 🙂

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