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Growing up in a latino family, I was always taught to be independent and stand up for myself; however, there is one thing I do rely on to complete my daily tasks with confidence. I rely on my deodorant Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. It not only gives me the confidence I need, but I feel fresh throughout the day. In fact, Dove conducted a survey and found out that 80% of Latinas prioritize putting on deodorant over washing their hair and putting on mascara or lip gloss. And who could blame them? Feeling great in your own skin is key to feeling confident.


Crecer en una familia latina me enseño a valerme por mi misma y a ser muy independiente; pero, tengo que admitir que dependo todos los días de mi rutina diaria. Dependo completamente de mi antitranspirante Dove Advanced Care para sentirme cómoda. No sólo me da la seguridad que necesito, pero además me da esa sensación de frescura todo el día. Dove condujo un estudio donde encontró que el 80% de las mujeres latinas le dan prioridad al desodorante por encima de lavarse el pelo o de ponerse maquillaje. ¿Y cómo no hacerlo? Sentirse bien con uno mismo es clave para lograr esa seguridad necesaria que todas deberíamos tener.

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Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I jump in the shower, brush my teeth, and apply deodorant. After those simple steps, I can go ahead and put my makeup on, get dressed, and go on with my day without worrying about body odors and uncomfortable sweating in the underarm area. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and it comes in 15 different fragrances you can choose from. As a fashion blogger, I consider that having a sense of style is not only knowing how to combine clothing, but also how confident you are when wearing them.


Todas las mañanas apenas me despierto me meto a ganar, me lavo los dientes, y por supuesto me aplico antitranspirante. Luego de esos pasos esenciales sigo con el resto de mi rutina: me aplico maquillaje y decido que outfit es el adecuado para seguir con mi día. El antitranspirante Advanced Care de Dove ofrece 48 horas protección y viene en 15 fragancias diferentes. Como blogger de moda, considero que tener estilo no esta solamente en saber como combinar la ropa, pero también en la seguridad que uno demuestra al llevarla. 

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To me wearing underarm protection is as essential as brushing my teeth. Plus, after shaving I tend to get little irritated in my underarms and that is very uncomfortable. If I didn’t wear any deodorant it would itch throughout the day. In that same survey I mentioned above, Dove found out that 2 in 3 Latinas have experienced underarm irritation, uneven skin tone, dry skin or red marks. Dove‘s NutriumMoisture™ formula leaves your underarms feeling soft and smooth, and it also alleviates my skin irritation due to shaving. That is another reason of why Dove is my top choice when I am choosing a deodorant.


Para mí, la protección antitranspirante tiene la misma importancia que cepillarse los dientes. Además, siempre tiendo a irritarme luego de rasurarme y es muy incómodo. En el mismo estudio, Dove encontró que 2 en 3 latinas sufren de irritación, decoloración, y piel seca o manchas rojas en la zona debajo de los brazos. La fórmula NutriumMoisture™ de Dove deja esa zona suave y además alivia la irritación causada cada vez que uno se rasura. Ésta es otra de las razones por las cuales Dove es mi marca de preferencia cuando se trata de antitranspirantes.


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Now that you know a little bit more about my morning routines, I would love to hear about yours! Leave comments below about your essentials to feeling confident before stepping out of your house every morning!


¡Ahora que saben un poco mas de mi rutina mañanera, me encantaría saber la de ustedes! ¿Cómo son sus rutinas por las mañanas? No olviden dejar sus comentarios abajo con sus productos esenciales para sentirse fresca y segura todo el día.

 Photography by: Maholi Hernandez

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño


This is a sponsored campaign written by me on behalf of Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant and WeAllGrow Latina. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have been using Dove for years. I have sensitive skin and it’s the only thing that doesn’t irritate it.

  2. I especially love the Dove campaigns regarding women and beauty in the last year…so inspiring and memorable!

  3. Smelling Clean is pretty important, but for me, unfortunately, it has to come in second place because of allergies to scented products… I have resorted to using strange and unusually things to smell clean… Glad to hear the you have found a great option…

  4. I really used to love Dove products when I was a teenager. Also, their creams saved my skin in the Philippines in winter. I ran out of my cream and Dove was the only brand available. I was so happy to find it.

  5. I use another brand, but I think I will switch it to Dove. I also use other products from Dove, I must say Dove has great products, and it has proven in long running years of its existence.

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