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It’s no lie that being a blogger is harder than what it looks. From deadlines to landing campaigns, being a blogger can take up all of your time. A blogger that knows this very well is our feature this month. Stephanie Cosmopolitan, from The Lux Loft, took a break from blogging at the beginning of 2016. She made a comeback at the start of summer and with a fully recharged energy. I admire Stephanie a lot. Like her, I stopped blogging. This job can take up your entire time if you don’t organize your life, and not everyone can be their own boss. It is no lie that she know how to do it well. Her style is very metro-city-life and I love it. Scroll down and read the interview that she gave me, covering from why she started to advices for new bloggers.


No es un secreto, que mantener un blog es mas dificil de lo que parece. Tener un blog exitoso requiere de mucha organización y disciplina. La constancia es otra de la cualidades que se necesita. A veces es un trabajo que consume mucha de tu energía y tiempo. Esto es algo que nuestra Blogger del Mes tiene muy claro, ya que a finales del 2015 decidió ponerle pausa a su blog. Stephanie, paso unos meses de ‘break’ pero regresó a principios del verano con la pilas recargadas. Con viajes a Nueva York y pronto Las Vegas, Stephanie no para. Su estilo grita ciudad, o el perfecto NYC street style. La conocí hace unos meses y admiro mucho su determinación. Para saber un poco mas de Stephanie, les dejo abajo la entrevista que me dio. 

Stephanie Cosmopolitan

What inspire you or motivated you to create your blog?

I come from a very humble background and despite my families’ circumstances, fashion always caught my attention and it was something I proposed myself to do. From sketching outfits in ESOL, never taking off my toddler red glitter slippers and always aiming to pursue my childhood dream have led me to all my career choices. My blog was a gateway to make that little girls fashion dreams alive.


¿Qué te inspiró o te motivó a crear tu blog?

Vengo de una familia muy humilde y a pesar de esas circunstancias, la moda siempre me ha llamado la atención y fue algo que me propuse hacer. Dibujar bocetos en ESOL, nunca quitarme mis zapatillas de escarcha roja cuando era pequeña, y siempre seguir ese sueño fueron cosas que influenciaron mis decisiones profesionales. Mi blog es esa plataforma donde hago realidad esos sueños que tenía cuando era pequeña. 

Stephanie Cosmopolitan

What has been the highest milestone reached in your blog?

My highest milestone would be going to fashion week and meeting high-end designers. It is something that I thought would take me ages to do.


¿Cuál ha sido el logro mas grande que has alcanzado con tu blog?

El logro mas grande fue haber podido asistir a la semana de la moda y conocer a diseñadores importantes. Es algo que pensé que me tomaría mas tiempo lograr. 

Stephanie Cosmopolitan

One struggle you have faced while being a blogger and how you overcame it?

COMPARING! As blogger’s we tend to look at other bloggers work to inspire ourselves, but sometimes you end up comparing your platform to theirs, resulting in self-doubt. I overcame it by giving myself positive affirmations and realizing that all though there are many talented bloggers out there, there is only one me. Also, creating my own unique format of content that brings out the characteristics that make me different.


¿Has tenido algún obstáculo en el camino? ¿Cómo lo superaste?

COMPARARME! Las bloggers tendemos a mirar otros blogs como modo de inspiraciones, pero a veces caemos en la comparación resultando en dudas de nuestro trabajo. Lo superé con afirmaciones positivas sobre mi y dándome cuenta que aunque hay bloggers muy talentosas en el mundo, yo soy única. También, creando mi propio formato de contenido que trae a la vida las características que me hacen diferente. 

Stephanie Cosmopolitan

Do you have any piece of advice for new bloggers or girls/boys hesitating about creating one?

Push through the fear, you won’t regret it. Don’t get worked up on how perfect it has to be before you launch it, you will perfect your own style along your blogging journey. The important thing is that you start and always remember that content is king. Be passionate about the content you publish and always make it the best it can be whether you’re taking pictures with an iPhone or a professional camera.


¿Algún consejo para nuevas/os bloggers?

Sigue a pesar del miedo, no te arrepentirás. No te quedes enfrascado en que tu blog tiene que ser perfecto antes de crearlo, será perfecto si lo haces tu manera. Lo importante es que comiences y que tengas en mente que el contenido es la clave. Publica sobre cosas que te apasionan y siempre da lo mejor de ti así estés tomando fotos con un iPhone o con una cámara profesional. 

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. I’m loving Stephanie’s style!! And YES TO HOUSE OF CARDS!!
    Comparison is an ugly slippery slope, I’m glad she got over it. I think it’s easy for us bloggers to that.
    Bloggin’ aint easy. I’m so glad Stephanie made her return. I’m also glad there are bloggers like you who spotlight other bloggers. Let’s keep building each other up!

  2. I agree with Mrs. Aok, comparison is a ugly slipper slope, it’s too easy to compare what I am doing with what another blogger is doing. My readers are here because of something I am doing and I have to keep reminding myself of that. I love building up other bloggers! They are some really creative men and women out there!

  3. Stephanie has an incredible talent for style, there’s no doubt there. I hear you on comparison and well, your life being taken away by trying to be all at all times, I struggle with that lots now in my early blogging months, the struggle is real!

  4. I would love to see Fashion Week too- how lucky! That would be such a highlight. Those boots on her are awesome.

  5. Blogging is definitely harder than it looks from the outside, as most careers are. It’s a great idea to set boundaries and have reasonable expectations.

  6. I say all the time I wish people knew how hard I work to be a blogger. I am the one stop shop- marketing, design, writer, promoter, idea team. Everything! It can be exhausting, and rewarding. Otherwise why would we continue to blog?

    • I agree, I think the work us bloggers do behind the scenes sometimes go unnoticed! But I also think, it is because this whole blogging movement is still new for the public! But definitely it is A LOT of work. Also it’s very rewarding 🙂

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