A Tourist in Miami

So let me tell you a huge mistake of mine: I have never been a tourist in Miami. I have lives in Miami for the past 9 years and never explored its grounds. Well, in Weston to be more specific, which is like 40min away from downtown. You might think its very far away but for us in South Florida it is a daily thing to be in the car for more than an hour stuck in traffic.

This past weekend though, I decided it was time venture into the city and explore it. For a long time I’ve been wanting to visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, so I said to myself “Why not now?”

First of all, what a B E A U T I FU L place! The gardens are breathtaking and the house itself is just amazing. To be able to see a historic place like this is just incredible. The house was built in the early 1900s by the coat of Miami. The view form the house is gorgeous. I leave you below the photos I took while visiting the place for you to see.

If you live in Miami and have never been to Vizcaya, please do yourself a favor and write it on your to-do list. If you are planning on visiting Miami, take a morning, or afternoon and visit this place. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you asking yourself while reading this, yes there is a cost to enter but it’s minimal and for my college student followers they offer student discount!

So from now on, I think I am going to be a tourist in Miami. I would love to explore more of my city.





So my blogger instinct decided what I should wear for this exciting tourist adventure, but what I would really recommend is to go very comfortable. Specially now, that summer is approaching, I would recommend a flow-y dress and some cute sandals (comfortable ones) or whatever outfit you find comfortable and cute, because believe me the scenery is great for an instagram-perfect photo!


Head to Toe – Forever 21

Shoes – JustFab







Share below your favorite spot or tourist site form your city!

Photography by: Maholi Hernandez

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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  1. I love that you decided to be a tourist of your own city! I am an avid traveler but not sure I’ve seen all there is to see in Louisville. Your outfit is just too cute!

    • No prob! Keep an eye out because I might open a new section with the purpose of showcasing Miami’s best spots!

  2. I am from Florida too and I am not big on doing all of the Touristy things but lately I have been giving them a try and found some beautiful places! Miami looks beautiful!! Yet another place I need to visit!

    • You know I used to be like that, I moved 9 years ago to Miami and never went to the famous tourist-y places, but now I think it is time to try them haha

  3. This is Miami!? It looks so cool! Looks like it has a lot of culture behind it. I will definitely have to visit this spot next time I go.Great post xx felinebykatsaris.com

    • I asked myself the same question when I went in to the gardens, I couldn’t believe this was just in the heart of the city! It was built around a century ago!

  4. Amazing to see our city’s best treasure through fresh eyes! I live in an area heavily populated by artists and musicians. So many beautiful places to see!

  5. Cute outfit. I’m all for a flowy dress and some cute sandals in Miami, especially with the humidity there.

  6. So happy you explored and your photos are just amazing. We are always having little adventures in Chicago, once you start exploring your city it’s hard to stop. Can’t wait to see more posts about all your journeys!

    • OMG! I would love to visit Chicago very soon!!! I feel that city is just great, although I’ve never been, I’ve been told.

      I will definitely be opening a new section on the blog of my adventures in Miami, So, if interested, follow me on social or sign-up to get notified whenever I post something new 🙂

  7. First of all, I love your outfit. It perfectly embodies that 70s vibe that is so in now. I live in a very small town, so there isn’t much to be touristy about. However, one of my favorite spots not to far from here is the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. It’s like being transported to another time.

    • Thank you <3 I've been into 70s style a lot lately! Glad you liked my outfit! and thank you for the tip, If I go up to Sarasota I would love to visit the museum!

  8. I love being a tourist in my own city! I agree, it’s a lot of fun. We love to explore Crystal City in Virginia. And then go to Ted’s for dinner. Their bison burgers are SO good!

  9. This place looks amazing… it doesn’t even look like the states. If I were to place it, it could easily be stuck in the centre of Rome, Italy.

  10. I love your outfit and these pictures are beautiful! We love it when we make time to explore our city. The kids activities and school keep us so busy, it’s a real treat when we can just decompress and visit a cool place we haven’t been before. NC is naturally such a beautiful state to live in and you’re making me want to visit some gorgeous free gardens 20 minutes away I still haven’t been to!

    • Thank you <3 I had the pleasure to visit Raleigh and Asheville last year and I feel tin love with NC! Hopefully I visit again very soon.

  11. Oh Vizcaya is always a dream to visit for me. You should check out Deering Estate, I feel I took far too long to see it and I’m kicking myself. Sometimes you see manatees 😀

    • I just checked the website and it looks gorgeous!! I will definitely be adding the place on my to-visit list! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  12. I loves this idea! I am so happy that you did this. I need to visit Florida, one of the only states I haven’t been to!

    • Thank you love! <3 I will be posting more tourist destinations here in Miami as I try to be a tourist myself haha. I can;t believe I have lived here for almost a decade and never knew these types of places existed!

  13. Cute looks. It’s always nice to be a tourist in the most frequently visited cities and see their most unique off the beat and path locations.

  14. Miami is a fun city, and full of culture. I live in Florida too, occasionally we do a few tourist days around town just to kind of enjoy the area a little more.

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