11 Things Every College Student Can Agree On

College graduations were happening as I wrote this article, and being a recent one myself there are several things that popped into my mind that I know all college student will agree with. I am grateful for my years in college; however, there are many things that I went through that I know every student went, is, and will be going through their college experience.

Group Projects are the worst!

When it comes to group project I know we can all agree there are a couple of superlatives you might identify yourself with and your classmates.

The bossy: the only things this person is good for is to give orders. They believe they are some type of CEO or president of a big company, but in reality they don’t help around at all.

The doer: this one ends up being like the slave of the group. They finish the project all by themselves because they worry too much about their grades to just not do anything at all. (This has ALWAYS been me)

The ghost: we’ve all come across that on person that when groups are assigned just disappears until the night before the project is due. The cherry on top is that they text you something like “OMG, the project is due tomorrow, so you need help with anything?”

*Red Emoji Face* “NO B!$#%!!! I already did it all by myself”

The liar: this is one is way too special. They tell you they will get done around 3-4 tasks, because they promise they are very good at them. The night before the project they go MIA and never turn in anything.

The one on cloud nine: This one always has a skill that they brag about. In reality, they really have no clue how to do it and they turn in the wrong thing.

Caffeine is your best friend

It doesn’t matter how you ingest it, it does the trick. You need it to stay awake for all-nighters finishing papers, projects, and studying for exams; then, you need it again to wake up after pulling an all-nighter to stay awake during class. Coffee, red bull, monster, you name it! Caffeine is the dominant liquid in your system during college.

You don’t trust people who say: “I’ve never pulled off an all-nighter”

Like, from what planet are you? You tell me you have never spent a weekend partying and not worrying about college and then realize you need to do A LOT of studying? All-nighters are in every-single-college-student list. You have stayed awake past midnight, WAY past midnight, studying for a test or finishing a very long paper, at least once.

Finding a good spot at the library is a mission

You have a long break between classes and decide you want to finish homework, or just want to chill and watch episodes of your favorite TV show. You arrive at the library and *BAM* all seats near plugs are taken. You end up sitting on the floor near a stranded plug, or even worst, you end up in the quite floors where you can’t even cough.

For those who went, or go to small universities: Cafeteria Food sucks

Food quality is not the best and the lines are endless. You have arrived to class because of it, and you still eat it because well, there is no other option.

Roommates: They either become your BFFs or your worst nightmare

When you go to college away from home, you end up in the dorms with a roommate or in some cases three. This situation can only go two ways. You either become inseparable friends, can’t-live-with-out-them, or you loathe them and wish you were back home.

If they become your soulmates, you go everywhere together! You even manage to take the same classes if possible. However, if you can’t stand your roommate/s it’s probably because they are super messy and they never clean up after themselves. You decide to spend your free-time elsewhere. Because when you get to your dorm you can barely find your bed under the mountain of clothes your roommate never cleans, or even worst they always have people over for #TipsyTuesday or #ThirstyThursday.

You either LOVE or HATE Greek Life

In college there are two types of people: the Greeks and the rest of the students. In most universities, Greeks dominate but for some people sororities and fraternities are just not appealing at all. So, you either join one of them and have sisters and brothers for the rest of your college life, or you just find them extremely annoying. In this one there is really no in-between feeling.

Advisors are not advisors at all

With the exception of a few (Which I did had the pleasure to meet during my time in college), most advisors have ZERO clue of what they are supposed to do. With all due respect to advisors that may come across this, the truth is that most college graduates can agree that they graduated with the help of fellow students and not yours. You either fail to tell us about those hidden electives we needed to graduate on time, or simply don’t really care.

For big universities parking is… well it really SUCKS

You manage to arrive 30 min. prior to your class, but end up being late because you just couldn’t find nearby parking. You had to park on the other side of campus and had to walk what it feels like 1,000 miles to get to class.

Another one for big universities: Class registration is the worst!

If you are a freshmen or a sophomore, you will not, I repeat, you will not end up with your dream schedule! See, classes fill up pretty quickly and you end up with a very crappy schedule. You end up taking 7 am classes and 8 pm classes and you social life gets compromised.

“I’m gonna take afternoon classes to study in the morning”

After a semester full of all-nighters, you decide you are going  to take classes in the afternoon so you can sleep early, wake-up, and finish everything in the mornings. Ha Ha Ha Be true to yourself, this never happened and it will not happened! You actually woke up early the first week fue to excitement, but then ended up being that same lazy person you have always been. You woke up the rest of the semester at 11:00 am and went straight to class. All-nighters are back in the schedule!

What are other things you think all college students and graduates can agree with! Share them on the comment box below!

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño


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