Who do you dress up for?

This week I have been thinking about ‘who do I dress up for?’ and I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop dressing for ‘occasions’ or ‘for other people’. When I took the pictures below I realized I was dressing for myself. I woke up like any other day to go to class, went to my closet and without thinking it too much I wore the first outfit I put on. As soon as I got out of my bedroom my mom said, “You look like a model.” I instantly started thinking that when you dress in what you feel comfortable and what you want, you get the best compliments.

Us, women, tend to struggle to choose what we are going to wear every time we have a birthday, family event, party, or even going out at nights. We go through the process every time. Whenever you find out you have an event you start thinking about what you have in your closet, or where you can go to buy the perfect outfit. Then the day of the event you change a hundred times to figure out what is ‘the perfect outfit’ for the occasion.
Then we split. There are women who dress for other people, or for fashion. These women tend to pick whatever is on trend right at the moment, even if they don’t feel comfortable in it. Then there are other women who would love to get dress in one way, but fear that they will get picked on or laughed because you are “TOO dressed” for the occasion, or “that doesn’t fit your personality.” This used to happen to me, sometimes I would want to wear something for class and thought, “is this too much of an outfit?, i’m just going to class.”
But I have come to realize that we need to stop being like that. Us women need to start dressing for ourselves. So what if I want to wear heels to go to the mall? So what if I want to go all beautiful and dressed up to class? So what if I wear make-up everyday like I’m out at night?

We need to stop thinking what people are going to think and say as soon as we walk into a room. Because good or bad, you are making an impression. And to be honest, the only thought that counts when you are deciding what to wear is yours. Wear what you want, what you feel comfortable in. Do not follow trends just because they are cool and everyone has them. Dress for yourself and you will stop struggling on what to wear everyday.
There is one thing that my mom always says to me and it is: “Do not worry when people talk about you, worry the day no one does.”
So do you dress up for yourself? or Do you dress up for others?
SWEATER: Ralph Lauren (old) | JEANS:  7 For All Mankind | VEST: Forever 21 (similar here) | BOOTS: Forever 21 (similar here & here| BAG: Forever 21 (similar here)

XOXO Ana Cristina Mariño

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